12 Days of Christmas (3, 2, 1)...

I'm laughing as I type this because, well... these last three days I didn't do a great job of documenting. But here goes...

Only 3 days until Christmas... Let's cruise around town and look at lights in THREE different neighborhoods!

They were actually really excited about this. My kids LOVE looking at lights (I mean, who doesn't) but we usually stick pretty close to home. I thought it would be a treat to go explore and see what other 'hoods are like. To make it even more fun, we had friends joining us. Amber and her crew came over and we all loaded into the minivan (because it fits EIGHT people) and were on our way. Everyone was super excited.... except baby Jacob.


Poor little man was MAD. Like super mad. Like "I am six months old and I will scream as loud as I want to" mad.

At one point Rad and Amber switched seats so she could nurse while we were driving up and down streets but as soon as she made her way back to the front seat... nope. He was not having it.

This was baby Jacob....

Rad did his best to make him happy but he wasn't having it.

Until we were done of course.

Basically a night we will never forget. I wish I would have attempted a pic of all of us in the car but by the time we got home, everyone was ready to be out of the car.

Only 2 days until Christmas - What's something fun YOU want to do?? Kids' choice!

Know what they picked? Pj day. Which was actually perfect since it was rainy outside. We ran a quick errand that morning and then headed home where we all lounged around, napped, started our annual Christmas puzzle and just enjoyed the merriment of the season. Gigi and Pops came into town early so as a special treat, we headed to our favorite restaurant for a yummy meal and amazing company. I think this may be our new "2 days before Christmas" tradition.

Only 1 day until Christmas.... Let's bake a cake for baby Jesus.  make meatballs and pumpkin cookies!

We started with KK's famous pumpkin cookies - the only cookies my kids will allow us to leave for Santa.

And then we got real and went in for the meatballs... 

We even had time to make a gingerbread village (thanks, Kayla!)

before we put on our Sunday best for Midnight Mass. 

and there was still more fun to be had.... 


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