Tiny Tales Thursday

I've got two tales for you today...

Tuesday night Ryan was putting Radley to bed and I was feeding Emersyn. We had already read his allotted three books, said our prayers, etc... and Ryan was laying him down. When Ryan does this it usually means that in 15-20 minutes I have to go into his room and wake up Ryan and tell him to leave. :) However, Tuesday it only took 2 minutes and Ryan was out of the room. I looked at him and asked if Radley had fallen asleep that quickly. Ryan said, "No, he just told me that he was a big boy and would fall asleep in his big boy bed."

Wow... I was proud of him but a little sad, too.

Well, not 2 minutes later I hear a door crack open and hear two little feet start to walk into the family room. I turn around to see Radley complete with blanket, Rex the dinosaur from Toy Story, and his "music" machine on a mission.

I stop him and ask him where he was going.

He says, "I a big boy, Mommy... I go sleep in Mommy and Daddy's big bed."

HA!! What a cutie!

My other tale is not so sweet...it's more of a confession, really.

Yesterday we kept Radley home from school to take him to see Toy Story 3. The whole family (Emmy included) was going. Now, I must admit that I have on many occasions complained about newborns in movies, but this would be different...

1. This was MY newborn; the sweet angel
2. This was a kids movie, so it would be loud anyway
3. She is a GREAT napper and loves the moby wrap so my plan was flawless....

We get to the movies, unload everyone, buy our tickets and make our way inside. Radley is pumped about Buzz and Woody, Ryan is just excited that he's still off work, Emmy is asleep and my plan is coming together nicely.

Then it happens. The STUPID Dolby sound system thingie that is so cool and loud and disruptive wakes up Emmy. I mean, are we in a theater for the hearing impaired? WHY in the world does something need to be that loud?! We can all hear it just fine, feel free to turn it down about 1800000 notches.

She settles down and the movie begins, but it's too late. Not 15 minutes into the thing and she is not having it. I quickly get up because I will NOT be one of those moms and proceed to spend the next hour and a half walking in and out of the theater, up and down, etc... while Radley and Ryan enjoy a sweet afternoon at the movies. I hear it's really good... maybe I'll take Radley to see it again. Alone. :)

Karma really is a ....

Have a great Thursday! Tomorrow is our last day home with Daddy and I am so sad!! I'll be sure to post our week in review! Until then, check out these two cute kids...

He's either trying to be a World Cup soccer player or a 50 year old man

Sweet baby girl

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