Simple Mistakes....

Ever wonder who coined the term "simple mistake"? Ever also wonder why "simple mistakes" create the greatest inconveniences?

For example, a simple mistake on a test could mean the difference between an "A" and "B" in that class. Misreading the speed limit sign (or just not realizing the limit went down) could mean a ticket/defensive driving. Mistaking salt for sugar...yuck! We made a "simple mistake" of mixing drinks for some guests at a 3202 function with everclear instead of vodka... simple mistake? Yes. Big impact? Heck, yes! ** don't worry, Mom... nothing happened! **

Here are some snapshots of "simple mistakes" in our life recently...

The first mistake was that I have cats. The second mistake was that I left frozen chicken tenders in the sink to thaw. The result was the cats tried to make dinner for themselves and I (nine months pregnant) had to clean it up....

This example was an easy fix. Radley wanted to feed the cats... we got him a special cup with the exact measurements of how much food they get. He went overboard while we weren't watching... the middle bowl was actually full of water.

Third mistake? Well, Radley is a "big boy" now in case you didn't know, and big boys are quite capable of dressing themselves... obviously. Please note that the undies are backwards... he didn't seem to mind.

Well, last night a simple mistake was made and it caused us a lot of grief.

My MIL has been in town for the past few days visiting/helping. She's folded clothes, changed diapers, played with Radley, loved on Emersyn, etc... Last night she gave Radley a bath and got him ready for bed and unbeknownst to Mom and Dad put real underwear on Radley instead of a pull-up. While this is fine during the day, at night (as we later found out) is not good because well, he's 2...and a boy... and doesn't "hold it" all night.

Ryan and I have been very smart this time around and go to bed when we put Emmy down at 10 or 10:30pm. Last night she was a dream! She fell asleep early (9:30) and was O-U-T! She was going to be a marathon sleeper, we could feel it!!

Well, at 1:00am our other sweet child wakes us up with his precious voice screaming, "Mommyyyyy, Daaaadddddy". Ryan goes to check on him to see what's wrong. Radley tells him he wants to come to Mommy and Daddy's room because his bed is wet. Surely, he's not saying....yep. Radley wet the bed... clear to the brand new mattress. Radley was confused, Ryan was annoyed and I was just trying to figure it all out in my head.

Simple Mistake. BIG annoyance.

We start to clean the mess up and Radley thinks he's in trouble because we have to take away his sleeping gear, which now consists of blankets, stuffed animals and Buzz Lightyear. I am trying to reassure him that he's not in trouble that we just have to wash everything and he just looks so sad.

Ryan is trying to remain calm and not lose it, moving the mattress outside to air out, washing sheets, etc... I'm still trying to get Radley to understand he's not in trouble. Emmy is sleeping. Fely is watching The Bachelorette. :)

By the time it's all cleaned up, Emmy decides she is ready to eat (2:00am) and Radley wants to sleep with Mom and Dad. We talk him into sleeping on his trundle but he remains awake until 3:30am.... Emmy wakes up again at 5:15am to eat and well, we just hope that tonight is a bit smoother.

I think we'll keep Radley in pull-ups until he leaves for college. Anyone know a good trick for cleaning a mattress???

Simple mistake.


  1. Great posting- hilarious. I also love that I can read between your lines! ha

  2. Katy, you are such an avid blogger that I can't keep up. I just realized I haven't read in about a week and I come back to almost 7 posts! You have too much time on your hands. Don't you have two young children under the age of two??? :) Well I have good news... I think I may have gotten a job in San Antonio!! I find out Friday so I'll keep you posted. And yes this is strange that I am leaving you all this information here but I remember once that you said you hate when people email you about your blog instead of blogging on your blog haha, so here I am blogging on your blog. :)