Memorial Day Fun

Memorial Day Weekend was our last chance to "get away" before Emmy's big arrival. I got the "all clear" from Dr. Dawson to head out to Ace, Texas with our friends The Munsons for some fun in the sun! He just told me no water sports... if only he knew that Lake Munson was meant for fishing!

Sunday morning we packed up the car with enough stuff for a small army! If Emmy was already here, there would have been no room to hold her...

My best-friend, Poppy, had to come along for the ride!

And then we needed actual clothes...

Please note that BOTH cars were filled to the top with food, fishing gear, bedding, pillows, beer, chairs, and luggage.

We all arrived, unpacked, turned up the A/C and headed outside!! We had been telling Radley that we were going to the lake, so when we pulled up to the house his first question was, "Where's the lake, Mommy?" He just wanted to go fishing so bad... Uncle Josh should be proud! The men had to go check out the lake first to secure a good fishing post so Caro and Radley quickly changed into bathing suits and got to play in the sprinklers. Annaliese joined in the fun, too...

Once Josh and Ryan made it back, we all jumped in the cars and headed across the street to Lake Munson! Josh entered the secret code for us to get in and we drove down to the pier that his brother, Dad and Uncle built. The place was just so pretty and I instantly wanted to be a professional photographer to capture some great moments. Alas, I am merely a mom with an ok camera... so these shots will have to do!

Looking like his Uncle Jody from behind

Radley's first big catch!!

It started to rain, so we all ran/waddled back to the cars and headed home!! We ended the day with a homemade meal of PB&Js, Bologna sandwiches, chips, cookies, cokes, and milks! Oh the good life!

Once we got the kids to bed (which was much easier than anticipated) the "grown ups" were ready to get rowdy! Oh wait... we're 31, not 21... Ha! We stayed up super late (midnight, maybe one) with an old fashioned game of spades... Battle of the Sexes style and although we didn't keep score, I'm pretty sure that Cindy and I were victorious!

Monday the boys got up early to catch some fish. Caro and Radley loved the powdered donut breakfast and the opportunity to romp and stomp outside once again.

We can't open our eyes... the sun is too bright!!
Please note Radley's "pony tail"... he wanted to be like Mom and Caro!

Ryan and Josh returned a few hours later empty-handed (they just weren't biting) and took Radley and Caro out on the boat. Cindy and I got to stay at the house with a napping Anna and enjoy what we love best, sun and romance novels!

Rad and Dad

Here fishy, fishy...

Caro and Radley got bored with the boat, so they headed back to the pier... and found lots of fish to play with! Too bad it was the bait!

Please note that dad's were in charge... moms would have insisted on the life jackets!

It was a great, relaxing 25 hours! I'm thankful each day to raise my kids with such special friends. And while we were having fun and taking advantage of a "great American past-time" it was also important to to reflect on what allows us that freedom in the first place.

So to my PaPaw, Dad, Jody, Jeremy, friends, students, and all that serve.... I thank you.

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