Tiny Tales Thursday

While today's tale may not be tiny... the subject of said tale certainly is!!!

As I mentioned before, Sunday night Ryan and I had a "date night" since we new that Emersyn was going to arrive any day. Well, we clearly didn't realize that "any day" would be the NEXT day! I felt "normal" all day and starting having small contractions around 11pm but nothing out of the ordinary. I went to bed but woke up around 1am with stronger contractions.

1am turned to 4am and Ryan was trying to convince me to go to the hospital. I refused to go "too early" because I didn't want them to send me home (as they had done with Radley). So I am stubborn and set out to drink 32 oz of water in an hour, take a long bath, walk, etc... just to make sure that this was the real deal.

By 5:30am if this wasn't it, then she was staying in forever! We called Uncle Pete to be on Radley duty, packed up the car and headed up to St. Joseph's. By this time the contractions were starting to feel more like back labor pains which was not fun at all. Needless to say, I was very excited to see this sign...

One last stop for a photo op (sorry about the fog...cold car + humid Texas = foggy lense). Check out that BELLY!

So I was admitted and we made some phone calls to very surprised and happy people! GiGi and Pops headed down to CS (sorry about that ticket, Dad!) and I was feeling good from my new BFF, Epi Dural.
Josh and Cindy came by around 9:30 to say hello and my Mom and Dad arrived soon after that. My other BFF, Sammy the L&D Nurse (who also delivered Radley), said that it would probably be later in the afternoon before we would meet Emmy. Dr. Dawson had two surgeries that morning and they don't want me to progress to too quickly so that he could handle those cases. I was settled and happy and feeling no pain at all... so that sounded fine to us.

Around 10:10am Dr. Dawson stopped by for a visit and to check on my progress. My parents kindly left the room, Ryan was getting some coffee and I was thinking that it would still be hours before she arrived. HA!! Dr. Dawson looks up and says, "Well, you ready to meet your daughter?" I'm so confused..."What?!?" Ryan walks in and I told him, "Babe, I think they want me to push." He's so confused... "What?!?"

At 10:20am Estelle Emersyn King had arrived. Healthy. Crying. Beautiful. Pink. It was love at first site...

It was just crazy how fast it all happened! And I thought Radley came in a hurry... I guess when a girl decides to do something, she does it! :)

Meanwhile, my parents are in the hallway thinking that I'm just getting checked out. Ryan goes to let them back in and I'm holding Emmy in a blanket. My mom looks at me and says, "very funny." I'm confused again because surely someone had told them that I was pushing. Nope. When they peeped around the blanket to see their granddaughter, I thought they were both going to faint right there!! HA!!

Definitely a moment to remember.

Since then, we've all been doing well. Emmy is a sweet baby (for now) and I hope that she stays that way. Radley is S-M-I-T-T-E-N with his baby sister!! I am so proud of him and he has been such a giant helper. He is just so excited that she is here and that we are all finally at home!

Here are some pictures from the last few days...

Sammy, the best nurse ever!

Our first pic with Emmy

Our "tiny tale"

Just looking cute after her bath

First family photo

Emmy and KK

Ra Ras


Day 2 with Big Brother

Love from GiGi

Holding his sister

Look out world, the King/Munsons have expanded!

We just had to try a bow out in that hair

Taking a nap

Daddy's little girl...ready to go home

Let's get out of here

Radley was SO excited to have Emersyn next to him in the car

Welcome home
Good night sweet sister...

Have no fear...there will be PLENTY of pictures posted soon. For now, we are just trying to get in a routine, get some rest and enjoy being a family of four. Thank you to everyone that came to visit, sent flowers, sent prayers and thinks of us daily. We are so lucky to have such a wonderful group of family and friends!!

We love you!!

And, just because Radley has some pretty funny "tiny tales" I leave you with this...

One day last week Radley was playing with his trains in the living room. He kept telling me something that I clearly did not understand.

R: I need a big b*@#&, Mommy.
K:Ummm... excuse me?
R: I need a big b*@#&, Mommy.
K: One more time.
R: I need a big b*@#&, Mommy.

Finally, I looked around at what he was trying to do... build a BRIDGE. OHHHHHHH....right.

That kid. He's cute.


  1. congratulations!! she is beautiful :)

  2. This is such a beautiful post. Happy almost birthday to your gorgeous little girl.

    Sammy was my labor nurse too. :-) And Dr. Dawson is my doctor. Love them both!