Weekend Recap...

Not much to say... it was an incredibly LAZY weekend in the KINGdom, which was nice. We had a great day yesterday celebrating the wonderful Dad in our lives. Radley, Emersyn and I are so lucky to have Ryan...he is more than I could have hoped for in a husband and all that any child needs in a dad, role model, disciplinarian and friend.

We celebrated by staying at home all day flipping between the World Cup and US Open...it was sports heaven for Dad's today. I also cooked him one of his favorites...spaghetti and gravy complete with bruschetta, salad, and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. It was a great way to celebrate him and what he means to us. WE LOVE YOU RYAN and are so thankful for you!

We have a pretty low key week ahead. Ryan is home with me for one more week and I am pumped! It is so nice to have him around and I am going to be sad when he has to go back to work. We're going to try to go to a local water park with Radley this week, paint some pottery with Emersyn and I may go get a massage!

Until then... enjoy some pics from the weekend!

The best daddy in the world!

Helping mommy make chocolate chip cookies

Helping daddy open presents

I thought these pics were cute... the first one is Emmy and the second is Radley. Can you tell they are related?

And I can't have a Dad's Day post without recognizing my own Dad. I love you, Dad! Thanks for everything that you have done and will do for all of us! You are the best!

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