Tiny Tales Thursday

I must admit that although Emersyn has been good to us so far (everyone please knock on wood) my brain is still in that daze that comes after giving birth to a child. So... I have not done a great job documenting Radley stories.

We continue to have several more "bridge" one liners that I admittedly coerce out of him simply because its funny.

Yesterday Ryan and I were talking to Radley at dinner and he asked when Megan was coming over. We both looked at each other and had no idea who Megan was.

Us: Is Megan new at school?
R: No.
Us: Is Megan a toy?
R: No.
Us: Is Megan a friend?
R: No.
Us: Is Megan a teacher?
R: NO... she's a LADY.

Oh, our bad.

We took newborn/family/sibling photos today with Sarah Giles and I could not be happier! Emmy was a real trooper and great little model sleeping through the entire shoot and allowing us to pose her in all sorts of fun positions! Radley was a great helper and super cute as usual! I don't know how long I can stand the wait (hint hint, Sarah! :)) but I know that it will definitely be worth it!

I learned some tricks of the trade on how to get a baby to sleep and it was really fun to watch Sarah in action. She is just great, so if you live in B/CS or and are thinking of getting some photos done (or don't live here and want pictures done in the area) then you should think about using Sarah! The link to her webpage is on the left.

For now, I'll leave you with some amateur photography...

Time for bed

These were Radley's pjs... can't believe that he was that tiny!

Silly little man

Sweet little lady

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