Tiny Tales Thursday

Hope you enjoy this version of our Tiny Tales...

Let me preface this first "tale"...

So before I had kids, I heard that you would be surprised with how much "poop" is discussed. I immediately rolled my eyes and said, "No way." Well, folks... the rumors are true... poop becomes the topic of discussion A LOT post baby. First you want to make sure they do it, then you want to make sure it's "normal", then you want them to tell you when they do it and THEN you want them to do it on their own.

Well, Radley's potty training has gone very well considering Ryan and I had little to do with it (thank you Week Day School) but he really doesn't like to poop on the potty. I mean, who would really? When someone is there to clean up your mess. However, we may have turned a corner in recent days because Radley has done very well on the potty! He has great incentives like M&Ms, donuts, icecream, stickers, etc...

Tuesday morning was no different than any other as we got ready for work/school. But all of a sudden Radley got really quiet. I told Ryan to go check to see if he had pooped but he hadn't and wanted to use the potty! SUCCESS!! Ryan took him in the bathroom, business done, toilet flushed and tons of tears! Wait, tears? Why am I hearing tears? When it was made very clear as I heard a 2 year olds voice exclaim, "No, Daddy... that's my poop I FLUSH IT!!!" He may never poop in the potty again.


Like a lot of toddlers, "no" is a very frequently used word in our vocabulary. Tuesday afternoon was no different as I asked Radley to go wash his hands before dinner. "No, ma'am." was his reply. Again, I asked with the same response and again and again. Finally I looked at him and told him that he should not tell Mommy no. Well, he looked at me and as innocently as could be stated, "but I said no ma'am." Like, duh, Mom... there is a difference.


Bedtime rituals are pretty funny. Every family has one and every child tries to navigate away from them. For some reason Radley hates lotion, it's weird. BUT... I don't want him to have dry skin, so we try to use it at least every other night. Tonight we told him he didn't have to wear lotion and his face lit up and he looked at us with such accomplishment and exclaimed, "I not have dry skin anymore?" HA! Like he completely understands why we want him to wear lotion!


A few observations from the week....

1. The closer you get to your due date, the less you care about weight gain. I've successfully eaten powdered donuts and ice cream every day this week.
2. Everything really does taste better when baked inside a crescent roll
3. Sometimes you just need to say a bad word.
4. Sometimes kids repeat what you say. :)
5. Summer really is my favorite time of the year.
6. I'm lucky to have a wonderful husband and happy little boy. I hope I always remember to count those blessings.
7. Indoor picnics can be just as fun as the real thing.
8. A Sonic Dr. Pepper can cure anything.

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