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We've had a fun past few days. My parents came into town for the weekend and Mom stayed until this morning to help out. We took Emmy on a shopping spree yesterday to get some essentials for an upcoming photo shoot (oh the suspense is just killing you already, huh?) and sadly I was a bad blogger and did not document the occasion!

Radley went back to school yesterday and although he was sad when Ryan dropped him off, something tells me he had a great time with all of his friends. This week is VBS at school and he was excited to get a new shirt. Maybe it will fit him in the next 4 years...

After we picked him up from school, we all headed to the Farmer's Market to get some fruit and veggies. Somehow I managed to bruise his EAR!?!? He was sitting in the buggy and I ran into a curb (insert women drivers remark here) and it made him hit the cart and bruise his ear. Is that not the strangest thing you've seen? A few fresh strawberries made him feel much better though!

GiGi set up shop in the backyard when we got home so I could pick up around the house. Ryan got stuck on an awful route yesterday and didn't get home until after 10pm! I was so thankful to have Mom here, she is a GREAT distraction for Radley and just loves to love on Emmy. Thanks for all your help, Mom! Radley and Emmy already miss GiGi but something tells me that we will see you soon!

We ended the day with a home cooked meal provided by one of our friends, Angie. Lasagna, salad, bread and watermelon for dessert... it was DELICIOUS! Angie... you can cook for us anytime! Thanks so much!!

Today was much of the same... except Ryan decided that he wanted to take advantage of his vacation week and stayed home. He somehow managed to pinch a nerve in his neck, so it was a great excuse... that and this cute little face...

She was lost in sleep as her Big Brother played outside in his pool. I am loving having a "summer baby" and can't wait for all the fun we have ahead of us!

I will leave you with a quick video courtesy of our new Flip camera! (Thanks, GiGi and Pops...Ryan LOVEs his bday/dad's day gift!!)

So I am having some technical difficulties uploading a video through blogger. Argh. It is the cutest thing ever, too! I will keep trying to figure it out...if anyone knows how to make it work, please let me know!

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