Wonderful Weekend Fun

What a great "last weekend" before life gets a little more crazy!!!

Radley and I received a pleasant surprise on Friday night when Ryan arrived home at 6:15, which is early! We were able to sit down and eat as a family, play some games, and then head out for an icecream treat at the DQ! (I am taking advantage of my last few nights of unlimited icecream!! HA!)We have so enjoyed being a family of 3 so it was great to have this time together.

Saturday was a very typical Texas summer day... sunshine and heat! Radley got a treat with a visit from "Karli bug" and I got to spend the day with Mom, Jenni and Mrs. Tuley. We headed out to get pedicures and then we were able to watch Kenly, Jenni's niece, run some races at her track meet... please note that this child voluntarily signed up for "summer track". She LOVES it and did so well... we are proud of her!! Please also note that Radley will not be running summer track! :)

While I was with "the girls" Ryan was with these two...
I believe this was ice pop #3

I don't know how he does it, but in the time we got pedicures, watched some races and then ate lunch Ryan supervised two toddlers, mowed the backyard, cleaned the house (mopping included), made lunch, gave baths AND got them to nap for 2.5 hours!! I am a lucky girl, huh?!?!

Radley has the distinct honor of being surrounded by "girlfriends" and each one holds a special place in his heart (and ours). Ryan caught this sweet moment with our camera...

After Karli bug, Jenni, GiGi, and Mrs. Tuley headed home, we changed back into swim gear and headed over to The Munsons for some burgers! It was just like our college days (except for the decreased amount of beer and the added pleasure of potty breaks). There is never a dull moment around here and it's days like these that I am able to pause and reflect on the blessings of my life.

In one afternoon, Radley was able to spend time with two of my best-friends' daughters. How lucky am I to raise my kids alongside women that I hold dear to my heart? Women I admire and respect. Women I'm able to laugh and cry with all in the same day. Women that challenge me and support me and love me (most of the time). Blessed indeed!

Radley, Caroline, and Annaliese

I'm not sure if I mentioned how lucky I am to also be surrounded by Texas Aggies that have accepted me and family and allowed us to watch them on their journey in Aggieland. Working at A&M has allowed me to meet some wonderful young adults that I pray my children will grow up to become. One of these precious Aggies is "KK", whom Radley ADORES!

She asked if she could come over and watch Radley for us this weekend so Ryan and I could have one last night out. We obviously said Yes! :)

About to head out for our date night...

We started our evening by going to mass and really enjoyed spending that time together. It gave me a great opportunity to count my blessings and be thankful and rejoice in the gifts that we have received and the gifts yet to come. Our priest, Father Michael, is so special to us and he led a great service that reminded us to take time to reflect on what we have been given.

After mass we needed to finish a quick errand at one of the greatest stores ever created... Target. This was not our first trip to Target that day... to make a long story short we thought we had some great coupons, turns out they weren't accepted at Target. The managers were extremely nice and apologetic... yadda yadda... we came back to return some items and purchase one final item for a goodie basket for the Rad man in the hospital.

So...we are on the aisle with all the new Toy Story goodies looking for a Buzz and Woody doll when I hear a familiar voice. I tell Ryan to be quiet and listen and we both look at eachother and just laugh. We walk to the next aisle over (the Car/train aisle) and.... you guessed it.... RADLEY AND KK are there! She spoils him ROTTEN! He was kindly pointing out all the trains that he owned and all the ones that he "needed". Oh that, boy... he is one lucky little man to be loved by so many! I'm sure he got whatever he wanted in the 3.5 hours we were gone... and I couldn't be more thankful for that. To know that he is not only loved by us and our families but our circle of friends that are precious indeed!

Rad and KK

The night ended with a yummy dinner from Outback, some trains, cars, and of course bedtime stories galore. As I write this, the two most special men in my life are quietly sleeping and I am profoundly grateful for them both. In just a few days our family will expand to include a tiny baby girl... and I just wonder who she will become and what treasures she will bring to our lives.

As a public service announcement... this week may be filled with some sappy posts...

Until next time...

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