Dear Radley...

Radley -

I don't even know where to begin or what to say, I just know that I want to tell you something.... something about how much you consume my heart, the space you fill in our lives, and the laughter and love that you bring to each and every day.

And it all started with this glance...

I could have never imagined the joy that I would experience in these past almost 3 years. I felt like I waited forever to "begin my life" (ehmm...your dad took FOREVER to propose) but once we began our family of 2 we knew it would not be long until we wanted to add more into the mix. God blessed us with an easy pregnancy and when you arrived on September 6, 2007 he blessed us with a health little boy. I thank God for you each and every day.

From that moment on, we have created wonderful memories and experienced happy moments; relishing in the "small stuff" that fills our lives each day. We celebrated our firsts as a family...

Thanksgiving 2007

Christmas 2007

Easter 2008

July 4th, 2008

In that time, you have allowed us to be part of your life and to experience each little step, each tiny moment with you and in that, have filled a giant hole that we never knew existed. Your milestones became our victories and your sad days became our lessons in parenthood. Yes, baby boy, this whole time that I thought I was supposed to be teaching you... it is you that is in fact taught US. You've taught me to sit in silence to listen to the rustle of the trees, to watch in wonder as the stars come out each night, to breath in deep the smells of the outdoors, to touch with care the textures of life. You've taught me to celebrate the smallest gifts that we are given each day, and the value of experiencing each moment each day with excitement. You've taught me patience, kindness, compassion and love are the most valuable treasures we have to offer others.

And as we expand our family and welcome your baby sister, I want you to know that these past 3 years of being "just us 3" will forever be treasured by us. You see...we knew that we would only have "just you" but "just once". And we selfishly wanted that to last as long as it could. We wanted to rock you to sleep forever, kiss your boo boos, listen to your stories, watch you grow and discover, and witness the new miracles that you bring to our lives with no other distractions. How thankful your dad and I are for this time with you.

Just us three...

I write with tears in my eyes as I think about what I am trying to say. To put it simply...you are loved. Loved by so many... and we, we my sweet boy, have been blessed by YOU! Each day I pray you know how special you are to us and each day I pray that you are given the chance...

... to succeed in your dreams, but learn from your failures

... to find great love, but understand a broken heart

... to show compassion when you want to show anger

... to learn from others as you educate yourself

... to lead by example as you follow those before you

... to laugh

... to cry

... to celebrate

... to grieve

... to experience each opportunity that life gives to you

Mostly, I pray that you will always be as happy as I know you to be now. That you always feel safe in my arms and that you know how much love you have given me.

I simply can't wait to witness you become the best big brother in the world! Emersyn, like us, is so lucky to have you. She will grow up wanting to do what you do, say what you say, and act like you act. It's a responsibility that I know you will not only welcome, but will handle with ease. And along the way, I pledge that there will still be moments with "just us 3"...

We love you, baby boy...

Mom and Dad


  1. Katy-

    Couldn't be more excited for Radley and everything he's about to begin as the true King of the Kings. He'll be the greatest big brother for his new sister and if not...you know who to call! hahaI liked the sappy post and hope all is well with you and the fam and its newest addition.

    Saludos from Mexico and Hope to see the Kings soon!


  2. OMG, Katy!! That was one of the most BEAUTIFUL things I have EVER read! I have tears in my eyes as I remember the moments you are now in...you will LOVE being a mommy to a princess and watching your "baby" boy teach his little sister so many wonderful things!

    I am so blessed to have you in my life and call you "friend"!


  3. Katy I just cried reading that post...I'm sure surprises there. But seriously, I can't wait to read that one day and truly realize what those words mean. Gosh, it's so beautiful!