We love Carneys...

Remember our super fun Christmas card
Well, here are a few more pics from our photo shoot at our friendly neighborhood mall carnival!

Is it me, or does he look five years older than he should?


This was as close as Emersyn would get to the carousel, which turns out it was for the best since the thing spun at about 1000 mph. And that sweet rosette she's wearing? It's from my momma's wedding dress.

Radley did so well smiling for the camera, even with all the distractions! We of course let him take some breaks for cotton candy!

Emmy preferred the popcorn...

My favorite images of the day are ALWAYS the ones that I never even knew Sarah took. Like this one...he SO wants to hit that 42, but I'm just fine with him staying small. 

And this small fry, seriously...I know everyone thinks they have cute kids, but they REALLY are cute!

This little jacket was the inspiration for our color scheme. Bought it in August just for Christmas cards. Yes, I'm THAT crazy person.

I love this one because Ryan clearly didn't get the memo of "let's take one with y'all holding the kids up" and because MAK is barely peeking through. 

And if you want to know the secret to getting kids to smile big for the camera...


It's having really crazy parents that will run, jump, giggle, and be goofy...

Worth it!

And what better way to end the occasion than to seal it with a kiss?

Once again, Sarah, you captured us perfectly!  

(And if you want to see even more pictures, check out Sarah's blog)

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