Tiny Tales Thursday...

Gigi and Pops do a great job brainwashing praising the kids. They have gotten in a routine of telling the kids just how great they are. "Radley is so handsome." "Emmy is adorable." Landry is just so precious."

Every time they use the same words to describe each kiddo.

Last night Emmy did something especially funny and I reacted with, "Emmy you are so cute!"

Her response? "No, Mommy. Emmy ADORABLE!!" (dramatic facial expressions and all)

Good to know, Emmy.


Before bed I was asking Radley a series of "when you grow up" questions. You know, what do you want to be, where will you live, etc...

By the end of the conversation I found out the following:

"I don't know, Mom. I mean, I guess I'll be an Aggie and I'll either be a builder man, an astronaut, or a leader because I'm good at all of those things. I guess I'll live next door."

I was thrilled at his aspirations and then asked him when he would be doing all these things and leaving home.

"I don't know, I mean, when I'm ten years old, I guess."

Wow - I didn't know empty nesting started so soon!

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