A lovely day...

I think in the history of birthdays, very few come as close to perfect as Landry's did. From start to finish, she was celebrated and surrounded by people that love her! She woke up with a smile on her face ready to meet the day!

She was spoiled with a new Frozen game from Radley, an "Anna purse" from Emmy, a shirt proclaiming her aging wisdom and a scooter all of her own!

A couple of quick snaps with the birthday girl and she was off to conquer her day of fun!

We met up with our people at Shipley's for some sugar, all the while entertaining the entire restaurant with cuteness overload. 

Everyone headed home for a bit and Rad went off with a friend for the afternoon because the girls wanted to get all princessed-out for a matinee showing of Cinderella. And even if they are mine - I can't tell you how precious it was to see these 5 in their best gowns, shoes, and hair pieces to watch this movie. ::sigh::

The celebration continued with a little dinner with friends at everyone's favorite place

We sang Happy Birthday...

and watched her make a wish...

and I couldn't help but think how many of my wishes have come true.

Happiest of birthdays, Lovely Landry! You are so much more than any wish could grant. 
We love you!!!

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