Let the Games Begin...

For the past nine months, I have been working along side some incredible women on Radley's annual school festival. My co-chair partner and I speak the same kind of crazy and made everything harder than necessary because we think big, act big, go big.... but I think it was totally worth it. 

AND after all those months of hard work, long hours, insane amount of text messages we got to see all of that "crazy" pay off...

We had a lot of "firsts" this year ... first year for a theme, first year for a shirt, first year for prize booth... and I think it paid off. The theme made it easy to tie all the components together  - silent auction, games, prizes, snacks, etc... I mean how cute were our Candy Crush Silent Auction tables??

(I've actually never played Candy Crush, but apparently the colors mean something, so the higher priced items were placed on corresponding colored tables. 

And we of course had bounce houses, slides, and all the fun carnival games that you'd expect.

As we were setting up, I got that nervous feeling when you think no one is going to show up at your party. But, just like in the Field of Dreams... we built it and they came. 

and everyone had the BEST time! A serious shout out to the sweet ZTA Big Event Volunteers that painted faces... y'all... they were SOOOOO good. Like INCREDIBLE! We had everything from craft tables to donut trees (think bobbing for apples but dangling from a string) and hot wheels racing. (Radley turned that into gambling - if his car won, he kept all the prize tickets and if the other person's car won, they kept all the prize tickets. SMH) (But my Sicilian genes are strong in this one. Uncle Mitch would be proud).

And plenty of shade for these guys. :)

(Actually this is the only time I saw Ryan sitting down. He went from hustling for me, to coaching a soccer game and back to helping with Festival all in one day. What a sweet man of mine I have!)

Donut Dangle y'all. It's a thing.

Somewhere in the middle of it all, I stopped and grabbed these four so we could get a picture.

This was our team (minus Lisa) at the end of the day. We had been there since 7:30am and this was about 5pm that evening. Still smiling because, it was done! (HA!) Really because the hard work had paid off, those sweet kids smiles were amazing and we were able to raise so much money for our school. 

Until next year... 

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  1. Oh carnival.......looks like you guys had a super fun time!