Smile for your close up...

One of my presents to myself this year was a 50mm lens for my camera. I didn't spring for the 1.2 because, well, if I'm gonna spend that kind of cash it's going to be in the form of vacation. But, I figured if I'm going to be a "mom with a fancy camera" then I should start practicing how to use this thing. 

Exhibit A. 

Landry was dressed in an outfit to envy, so I decided to snap some pics. The kids place of choice for pics is in front of our dirty fireplace. But, at least she stood still... 

Grainy, slightly overexposed. 

Out of focus. 

Still adorable. 

And then I got some good ones. 

And then I was out of focus again. 


I am clearly not destined to be a photog any time soon... but I'll take these sweet pics anyday! 


  1. I'm thinking your Landry and my Hope would be fast friends! :)

  2. I love my 50mm....but it took me some time to get used to for sure! Keep practicing. Once the weather is nice and you can shoot outside you are going to be in heaven at the bokeh you can get with this lens! The only issue I ever have is if there are multiple subjects....definitely have to bump up the aperture or someone will be blurry.

    1. That's what I'm hoping for! I've been reading about it (haha - about time) and trying different settings. These kids are just so darn fast! I'm worried that I will "miss" something by trying to stay out of auto, but I do want to be able to learn something new and master a skill. Let me know if you hear of any photog classes!