Tiny Tales Thursday...

I picked Landry up from school today and her teacher indicated that Landry either attempted or actually bit another child earlier that morning. They weren't sure since there were no actual bite marks and they didn't feel that a note or incident report was necessary since she had never done anything like this before.

Then the following happened...

Me: Landry - did you try to bite a friend?
Landry: Not Anna.
Me: So you tried to bite Anna?
Landry: looks up at me with her "who me" look
Me: Landry...did you try to bite a friend?
Landry: Not Anna!
Me: Do you want to apologize to Anna?
Landry: No, thank you! Let's go, Mommy!

World, I apologize. She's so darn cute that we all just laugh.


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  1. Yep - something about those third babies! They are rotten - but in a good way! :)