I think for at least four of our wedding anniversaries, I have been out of town on the actual date. Whoever thought spring break was a smart week to get married? Oh yeah, me. Ha! So I was gone once again but I was excited to come home to this sweet surprise! He got me a new coffee maker and it's the most amazing thing in the world. 

Well, this view is the most amazing thing in the world. We've been coming here since this place opened and I never get tired of what I see when I look up. 

And it just so happened that this adorable couple was sitting next to us celebrating 49 years of marriage. And he was in a TUX. Because it was a special night for them and he wanted her to feel like she was worth the effort. And then I snuck this picture because #relationshipgoals.

We keep it a bit more casual around here.

The nine year anniversary is marked by pottery - so we got some pottery to go and painted tiny number 9s - one for each kiddo. The plan is to write 9 things we love about them on their 9th birthdays and have it framed. We shall see if I even remember where I put them!

So what have I learned in nine years of marriage? That celebrating the every day is the key to making it to the big days. To love. To listen. To forgive. To kiss. To hug and to dance in the kitchen.

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