Tiny Tales Thursday....

So, this week is more of a confession than a tale. Last Friday, we went to pick up Landry's birthday cake from the mall. Earlier in the week, we had convinced her that she wanted a cookie cake since they are super yummy, super easy, and not as messy as cakes with brightly colored icing. (Confession 1 - we paid top dollar for Rad's birthday cakes up until he was 5, Emmy until she was 3, and Landry, just twice).

We get to the cookie place and they open the box to let me check out the cake. I instantly notice that they have a ballerina on the cake instead of a gymnast. I'm slightly annoyed but don't really want to wait for them to fix anything. Here is the confession -

With Radley, this would have been a DISASTER. His party would have been ruined. He would have had to have years of counseling to overcome this horrific incident that happened to him on his third birthday. I would have demanded a new cake and vowed to never return.

With Emersyn, this would have been a setback. I would have been annoyed that I had to sit and wait while they attempted to cover up the mistake with something new. I would have promised her an additional something to make up for the almost ruined party.

With Landry, well, I told them it was fine and asked them to give me free cookies.

We left, eating cookies and telling Landry how awesome her pretty ballerina cake was so that she'd be excited.

And she was.

And the party was awesome.

And we ate the cake and survived.

Whew - I feel better letting that off my chest.


  1. I tell everyone I know with two kids to have a third - I feel like it took me this long to finally figure things out! Isn't it wonderful? Those littles are such a blessing! I've come a LONG way since my first! ;)

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