A Year of Dates: Where we began

You didn't think we skipped a month did you? It was a little tricky to find the free time to get away since Ryan is gone during the week and wants to see the kids on the weekends, but we did manage to find 2 hours to take for ourselves. 

So, what was on the docket in April...

April is our dateiversary which was 16 years ago!!! I still even have the dress I wore for that first date and posted this pic on April 6 with this caption:

16 years ago, I put on this dress with some killer doc marten sandals, some too dark lipstick and gold hoop earrings. A boy came over to pick me up in his jeep with the top down and doors off. I split my dress trying to get in (bc he clearly had lifted tires), my hair was a mess by the time we got to the restaurant and he had a horrible case of poison ivy on his eye. We were a mess sitting there eating our fancy salads and crazy entrees but we stuck with each other. We are still a mess. That dress quit fitting 3 kids ago. That jeep is rusting away in the driveway. And I've sadly said goodbye to those sandals. But we keep sticking and who knows maybe in 16 more years that dress may fit again.

And then for date night... I did the unthinkable...I put the dress on. And it zipped. Y'all.



And no I didn't actually wear it out 



But we did head out on a date. 

We enjoyed a meal free of wiping other people's faces or telling anyone to eat. We people watched and talked about all the couples missing out on each other by staring at their phones and just enjoyed a couple of hours to ourself. 

At the place it all began.

I love that my last first date was with this man and that all my dates here after are reserved just for him.


  1. You are cracking me up with that dress...and that slit! hahaha And now I want a date night at Cafe Eccell

  2. You guys!!! That way the sweetest! Love that you still have the dress! That's awesome! Happy dateiversary!