Momma's Day Joy...

I got spoiled by these three all day yesterday. They had been planning for weeks about my day and remembered that we have typically gone to Lake Bryan for the afternoon so all of my gifts were things for me to enjoy while relaxing lakeside. 

And every single one of them were pink.

What a joy it is to be called Mom by them. What a privilege to feel their love and grace daily. Sometimes more than once each day. Their laughter, their sass, their spunk, their silly, their good and their bad - all of that is mine to love back. To hold and cherish and pray for and with.

It's so surreal to look at them and know that they came from me. How could such goodness, such love, such generosity, such joy and delight be mine? What did I ever do to deserve the blessing of them?

And how in the WORLD will I ever say thank you enough?

I won't. I will never be able to adequately describe what I wholly feel for them each and every day. 

I can only pray that they feel it and see it and know it. I pray that they understand that they are my greatest gift, my brightest joy. They are my grace in all of the messy of life. And one day they will - they day they have kids of their own. Because that's when I finally got it. 

So thanks, Momma, for loving me unconditionally. I get it. I see it. I feel it. I know it. 

Love you! 

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