The one where I think I know what I'm talking about...

I'm not sure what possessed me to share this with you today because heaven only knows that my "beauty regime" is more like the lack there of. Basically I have two FAVORITE things when it comes to my favorite products/routine, but two is basically one and one is such a lonely number that I had to beef it up. 

So here goes.

Dove soap is the best. I have used this and only this to wash my face since my first trip to the dermatologist in the 7th grade. It works for me, it works for my kids. It's lovely. I sometimes spice it up and buy the pink bar, but that's just when I'm feeling crazy. 

My favorite face washing combo is a $4 buf-puf and some Dove. I use warm water, lather the buffer pad and gently scrub. My face loves it and so does my wallet.

I am a tried and true bath girl. I love baths - even over showers. I know that's weird to some people, but I love them. The hotter the better. All I need is a glass of ice water, a book and a few towels for my head. I even fall asleep. 

One of my favorite things to do is soak in some Skin So Soft. I LOVE this stuff. It smells delightful and it really does leave your skin SOOOOOOOO soft. And, it keeps mosquitoes away! Find yourself an Avon lady and order some SSS. 

(Do Avon ladies still exist? And does the fact I know about them put me in the category of old lady?)

Brace yourselves. This is my favorite favorite of all four. I'm gonna have to share a tiny bit of information so don't get freaked out. 

Hi. My name is Katy. And I have hairy legs. 

Whew. That was scary. And hard. But it's true. I'm Sicilian and no matter what I do, my legs stay smooth for about 4 seconds and then I can physically feel the dang stubble start to grow. I also seem to acquire chill bumps as if I was standing on Antartica itself which is the most annoying thing in the world. 

 I wasn't allowed to shave my legs until I was in junior high, which was TORTURE (its true, Mom). I actually snuck and shaved them once and my VBFF TOLD on me (thanks, Jenni). It was horrible. But, then in the 7th grade I got my very own razor for Christmas and I have been trying to perfect the PERFECT shave since then.

And I have done it.

Conditioner (any kind) + Venus Olay razor = Perfection.

Seriously. I happened upon this combo accidentally a coupe of years ago when I ran out of shaving cream and then I was so angry because I had been wasting money on shaving cream for a decade. You just need conditioner!! (And don't be too impressed by that White Rain above - it's hard being so fancy.)

Seriously. Stop reading this and go shave your legs. 

Let me preface this by saying, I didn't really actually truly learn to curl my hair until I was 25. TWENTY-five. I'm not even exaggerating. I'm just not the hair and make-up kind of girl. I wish I was, but I'm not. BUT...I acquired some accidental knowledge that I feel like I need to share with you. It is my duty as an over-sharer/blogger. (Come in a little closer so I can whisper).

I have found the perfect curl. 

Shall I repeat?


I know! This is huge! And like I said, accidental. I should probably test this hypothesize more than once before making it a fact, but I feel so sure about it that I had to tell you now.


And my definition of "perfect" is a loose curl that LASTS. 
I feel like you need a timeline ...

10pm Tuesday, April 28: Washed hair, went to bed with hair wet
5:30am Wednesday, April 29: Woke up, got dressed, curled slightly damp hair; could see steam
(Wednesday was LONG, like I didn't get home until 1am, didn't lay down until 2am)
5:30am, Thursday April 30: Woke up. Got dressed. Did not reapply makeup or fix hair.

(That's my grumpy face).

I had another work event tonight at 6pm... and y'all... my curl still looked like this.

I KNOW! I mean, that's crazy talk. I did use hairspray, but I buy $2 Garnier hairspray so I don't think it was that. I think that it was the fact that I curled DAMP hair and it basically steamed my hair dry. 

As I am typing this (11pm on Thursday) my hair still looks like this and I actually brushed it. 

I don't know what's going on. But it should be documented and I should lay down and praise all of the follicle Gods because I may be able to wear some day 3 curls tomorrow. 

And yes, I realize that means I'm also on day 3 without washing my hair - but I fall in the category of a 2-3 days/week hair washer. Judge me. But, my hair does better that way and if I need a little "shine" resistance, I use some dry shampoo. My favorite happens to be this one from Target (that's a real fancy place, it's pronounced tar-JAY).

So those are my favorites this week! Go check out some more over with AndreaErika, and Narci.


  1. This is horrible... I haven't cut my hair in 6 months...that's 3 haircuts ago. I haven't done it because my hair is finally keeping the curls below my collar bone and I love it! I use volume curlers. What tool are you using? Also, how do you get your Avon? Nice to find you from Andrea's link up!

    1. Hi Maren! Thanks for stopping by! I just use a plain ol' 1 inch conair curling iron. I'm pretty sure I've had it since I was in high school! I wish I could use curlers, but I just end up getting my hair in a giant tangle. My orders my Avon for me because I think she still has an Avon lady! :)

  2. You make me laugh! One more thing in common....hair and makeup have never been my thing...no matter how hard I try!! My hair has been better than ever in my life and the real trick has been NOT washing it!! I haven't washed mine since Tuesday morning if that makes you feel any better..and it honestly looks better. I have the opposite shaving problem...super fine blond hair and often I have no clue how long it is until I'm sitting at a baseball game and the sun is shining on it and I'm like "oh hell" it's like 1/4 inch long.

    1. I seriously LOLed. And then read that last line out loud to Cindy and LOLed again. :) And word on the dirty hair! Makeover date at the Estee counter at Dillards soon?

  3. Love this! Hair and make-up dummies unite! I have NO clue what I'm doing so I just don't do anything! I'm going to try out your conditioner trick stat! I was just complaining to Mike about shaving and then getting goose bumps and needing to shave again... I'm off to Tar-JAY! :)