Days to Remember...

I remember when I would take a picture, upload it to my computer and write a blog post about it that very same day. I would recall every tiny detail for my 10s of readers to feel like they spent the day with us doing nothing at all. And now I'm lucky if I upload the pictures within two days and blog within the week. 

Our days are still filled with the gifts that the nothing-at-alls bring. Like this day, Ryan wanted to celebrate Memorial Day by going to the George Bush Library & Museum. We put on our patriotic gear and headed up there to discover that  the museum wouldn't open for another hour. We were heading to Waco later that day so we decided a walk around the grounds was good enough. 

We chatted with the kids about who George Bush is and why he is important. What he did as President and how he impacts our little community still. 

And in-between I captured moments of sweet... 

and sour. 

All this rain has made the grounds at GBL so gorgeous!

And these three just added to the beauty. 

When I think about the meaning of Memorial Day and then think about how I tend to need to make things big to be memorable, I kind of get a little mad at myself. Who says it has to be big? Who says it has to be perfect? Why can't it just be?

And this day, it was just a walk in a park. (Literally). 

And as I watched them I said some silent prayers and gave thanks to those men and women whose days were never a walk in the park, rather a run through a battle field. The men and women who sacrificed so that we don't have to. 

So thank you, for allowing us the opportunity to have days to remember. For that, we remember you. 


  1. Turning ordinary into extra-ordinary every day! You have a gift with words, friend!