We couldn't have asked for a better ending to the soccer season. My favorite thing about this time of year is watching the continued improvement from all the players. From the beginners whose confidence begins to shine through to those "seasoned" kiddos that have played together for a few seasons and are really starting to show us they get it. 

Radley and Cameron have played together since his first season and now Ryan and Chris are the coaches - when I looked up to catch this I about started to cry right there.  

The game was so stinking awesome that I couldn't take pictures. The team was on FIRE - which is clearly why they are called Flamethrowers - and it was so much fun to watch. Radley had five goals and I think the team had 13 all together! 

After it was all said and done, they ate cupcakes, celebrated with friends... 

and took one last team huddle. 

They were clearly into having their picture taken.

I do so adore that Ryan is his coach. They can get pretty tempered with each other. Radley gets angry when Ryan corrects him - Ryan gets impatient when Rad acts like a 7-year-old... but I think they are good for each other and I know they will look back at this time and be glad. 

I didn't think I would like being a soccer mom. 

And I was right, I don't like it... I love it.

I love the friends we've made.

And the memories we've made together.

And next year... Emmy joins in the fun! Can't wait!


  1. Such a great little family picture!

  2. You definitely need to frame that family pic!!! I loved being a soccer mom! Too bad he gave it up for football. :/