Can't rain on my party...

We got to celebrate a big birthday on Monday - Karli turned eight. EIGHT, y'all. How did this happen? Eight sounds so much more than seven and this makes me believe that in three months when Radley reaches this milestone, I'm gonna need a paper bag while I hyperventilate. 

You may have heard that we've gotten a lot of rain the past few weeks. Well, Monday morning it was trying to rain again so Jenni bumped the party up by 30 minutes and the kids had a great time! The weather was actually great, no one was dying from heat and there was no hint of the familiar Texas sunscreen/bug spray combo. 

My children took full advantage of the big kids that like to take care of them. I think Corbin pushed Landry for a solid 10 minutes before Ryan stepped in to offer relief 

And if Grace wasn't lugging Emersyn around, she was pushing her "super high". 

I love that my kids get to grow up with their kids. I love that so much of us is inside each of them. I love that the 9 months that once separated these three seemed so huge but is really so small. Gah. I miss them so much and wish the hour and half drive was just down the street. (Y'all should totally move here.)

I mean, could she be any cuter? 

This crew. Poor Reed wasn't having it. 

After we finished celebrating that giant basically grown girl :) we headed home to beat the storms that were headed our way. And we managed to make it in enough time for Ryan to mow the yard and for the kids to play a bit. It actually started to rain and then stopped before they could get fully in their swim suits and they were angry. 

So what did Ryan do???

Got out the water hose and made a them a water slide. 

And maybe also sprayed them in the face a bit. 

And I realize these are the worlds blurriest pictures, but they were moving super fast and I'm stubborn enough that I will force myself to learn how to use my manual settings. 

Landry was MOVING y'all. Like at super speed. And she's so tiny that she basically bounces off the end. And is SQUEALING with laughter the whole time. 

I secretly wanted to join them, but I had already showered. And I'm lazy. 

But I may have to do this one day this summer - let me know if you want to join the fun! 


  1. When my Bigs were little we actually wet down our slide like that and added a shower curtain {insert redneck} at the end held down with cinder blocks....they thought it was the coolest thing ever....not safe...but cool. haha