Birthday boy...

Ryan's birthday was last week and he gave us the gift of TAKING THE ENTIRE WEEK OFF! (We actually contemplated whether or not he should switch weeks due to all this darn rain, but we took a chance and lucked out with spots of amazing weather). I picked the kids up from school on Tuesday and we headed to HEB to get all the stuff for his cake plus a few extra treats. He spent all day on his birthday trimming trees, mowing the yard, raking and spring cleaning that we were way behind on. 

And while he was busy finishing up all of that with the kids - Rad became a pro at using the extended hand saw. He cut down EIGHT branches by himself. 

After everyone had cleaned up we settled outside for our first meal of the season on the porch. Y'all - it's been raining THAT much. Ryan picked sloppy joes - I am such an overachiever that I surprised him with deviled eggs and beer to go with it. And I think the deviled eggs were his favorite gift. 


Then they just had some general backyard shenanigans before heading inside for cake. 

Yellow cake with yellow icing... 

and a whole lot of love baked in.

Now, he didn't reveal his wish... but I'm guessing it came true in the form of these three. 

One of my favorite part of birthdays is watching the kids pick out gifts for other people. We all went to Academy and I had made a few suggestions of things we could get Ryan, but they had very distinct ideas of what they wanted. 

Radley insisted on a red golf shirt. 

Emmy picked the blue and green hammock. 

And Landry is generally just a "yes" girl for now.

And the celebrations didn't stop there. I took the day off on Wednesday so we could combine our February date that we didn't get to because of rain (ha!) and headed to the golf course. 

 He opted for 9 holes since we were short on time (Rad had a school picnic) and I opted not to play since the weather was lurking over head and I wanted him to get to play all nine holes. But, it was a great morning of golfing (him), reading (me), and spending time together.

And know about 2% of what it takes to make a great golfer, but he sure looks good, eh? 

I hope that this birthday was great, Ryan. And I pray that the year ahead is the best one yet!

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