Our tiny grad!

We had a pretty big day around here last week. And by "we", I mean this girl... 

She along with her 17 classmates are now officially Pre-K Graduates. Their school does the best job celebrating them and I teared up more than once during the ceremony. They each got to talk on the microphone - which is clearly a lifetime achievement - sang songs, danced, and ended with a  slide show of their time in Pre-K. She looked so grown-up and I can only pray and hope that she has that same big smile on her face when she's graduating high school. 

The song that sent me (and Tia) over the edge was a song about how they are all God's promise and they each have potential to be whatever they want to be. Hold on to that, Sweet Emersyn, and see the truth and wisdom in those words!

You are amazing, smart, kind, beautiful, loving and one of my favorite people in the whole entire world!

We loved celebrating our adorable girl! 

And of course no event is complete without the Munson crew - thanks for showing up for all of our big and small moments, friends!

She has had the best teachers in her time at the Weekday School and I am so thankful for how much they love her and all that they have given her. 

And she's leaving with some pretty amazing friends, too!
(Well not until August - summer school is next!)

So proud of you Emersyn! We love you so much!!