Then and Now...

This could be a post all about how it used to be when I was a kid. A post that provided every tiny detail of what Field Day used to be.

A post about how we had matching shirts, ran real races (and not silly water games), COMPETED to WIN (and not just have fun) and spent all day at the high school track.

Yes, it could be a post about how much greater we had it as kids and how hard it is to parent in a world that protects them, shields them and at times feels like steals the joy of childhood away.

But this isn't that post. 

THIS post is about how much fun he has. How much he loves what he gets to do, the games he gets to play and the memories he makes with his friends.

This post is about the silly jokes he makes with his friends and the way he can't wait to tell us about his day.

This post is about the blessing you get as parents to watch them live the moments that they will talk about with their kids. 

This post is about him.

And the joy that he brings to me.

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  1. Oh field day....I have such great memories of field day...back in the 6th grade when I was taller than everyone which also meant I could still win the 100 yard dash!!