Tiny Tales Thursday...

When Radley was between 2-3, I feel like the majority of these posts dealt with the potty. He just had funny things to say around that particular subject matter. The girls not-so-much until now...

I was driving home one afternoon when Landry informed me she needed to use the potty.

Landry: Mommy, I have to go peeee.
Me: Well, ok. You're just going to have to hold it. We are almost home.
Landry: Mommy, I have to peee weeally bad! (Which is one of my fav things she says. Bc its adorable).
Me: Well, hold on.
Emmy: Yeah. Hold on. You can't pee in the car.
Landry: I KNOOOW
Emmy: You can only pee in the ocean. At the lake. Sometimes outside....
Landry: And the pool.

Yeah, you may not want to go swimming with us.

Then tonight. Y'all. Tonight.

We put the kids to bed at 8. By 8:15 Emmy had walked into the living room.

Emmy: I need to poop.
Me: Great - then just go... I don't really need a play by play.

10 minutes later...

Emmy: Mom. Landry just pooped. IN HER PANTS.
Emmy: with gestures I KNOW!

I get up and investigate - you know a perk of the mom job.

(I'd like it to be noted that Emmy literally had to STEP OVER Ryan in the kitchen floor to tell me about this development. Why couldn't she stop at him? What do they always have to come tell me?)

I make it to the bathroom. Landry is on the toilet. Smiling.

Me: What in the WORLD? Why did you poop in your underwear?
Landry: I HAD to poop in my underwears! (with an S)
Me: Why?
Landry: Because I had to go and Emmy was going for a weeally wong time!
Me: But we have other bathrooms!
Landry: She was taking for-EVER.

This is when the third kid perk hits.

I probably would have yelled at Radley.
I would have been angry with Emmy.
I just laughed at Landry. Told her to hurry up, change clothes and get back in bed.

SMH at all of us.

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