I am nothing if not blocrastinator. That's a blogging procrastinator. So here you go with another edition of InstaKings from the past two weeks!!

He wanted to climb the tree, I looked up and there he was. He kept getting higher and higher and I just wondered what in the world my mom was EVER thinking letting us climb the magnolia tree at MaMaw's house. That shizzz is scary, y'all. 

But you know what's not scary? Tiny little babies. Tiny little precious sleeping babies. That smell like lotion. And I love her. I almost took her home. Welcome, Austyn!

Rad's class had a sweet Momma's Day breakfast and I wouldn't let him go until he say in my lap and took a picture. His therapy bills are gonna be so high! ;)

Then that night he got to SLEEP in the SCHOOL library. Y'all! How fun is that?!?!We had five silent auction items at the school festival for a sleep-over at school with the Principal and Asst. Principal for you and a friend. So my friend and I went in together for these two besties.  

The next night we got to hang with Sweet Caroline for her birthday night out. She got to hang with Radley for laser tag and mini-golf, followed by dinner at her favorite place, Freebirds, some ice cream, a little shopping and animal store browsing. 

Every 7 year-old's dream!

For Mother's Day they wanted to take me to the beach... so they built me one in the living room - complete with surf boards and sharks! Ha!

We ended up at our usual venue of Lake Bryan. Every mother's dream day - sand, sun, and NO FIGHTS between the kids!

The hardest part of the day was getting three kids to get three kites in the air! The giggling was worth every bit of effort. $2, y'all. Go get some kites. 

I did a post last week about the comparison game... 

My latest Netflix addiction. So far so good. But the show makes me want to eat way too much food and drink way too much coffee. This could be trouble. 

Are you a local blogger? Then join us and spread the BLOGGER love!

Hi. My name is Katy. And I wear this yellow cardigan at least twice/week. It's a problem. Except that it's not because I love it. 

And I have to look my best when I'm hanging with my bestie crush. Always fun to see Mel and Gulley!

We ended a great week with the most precious dance recital for this sweet girl!

So proud of our tiny dancing queen!

That's us in an instant!

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