Lake Livin...

We were up bright and early Saturday morning for a fun weekend at the lake with some friends. The Pattons were so gracious to open up their family lake house to us, the Munsons and the Kurtens. We all started this crazy journey of parenthood together almost 8 years ago now - how is that even possible?  

As soon as we got to the house we unloaded and headed to the water. I couldn't believe that it was the kids first time at the lake but I could believe that they absolutely LOVED it. Who wouldn't. 

Water - check
Sun - check 
Friends - check

Jason brought paddle boards for us to try and they were a pretty big hit, too. Please note Landry holding on for dear life to Jenna. 

These kids didn't need to hold on to anything though. Jackson is an old pro at the paddle board but he got Davis and Radley caught up quickly and all of a sudden we looked up and they had figured out that they could push the board under the dock and jump back on the other side. 

I don't know if anyone was in heaven more than Ryan. He was a lake rat growing up, heading to Lake Texoma with his friends as often as he could, only coming home because you know, school. He would pick lake over beach any day of the week and has already found us a property or two that we just "have to buy". Ha! Who wants in?

I love watching him pass on his favorite things to the kids. I also love the fancy "diaper" trick he taught all of us with those life jackets. Made floating so much easier. 

By late afternoon, everyone was a pro at something. 

Landry may have surprised me the most with her bravery. She is totally my "I'll do it when I want to" kid, so it took her some time to warm up to things. I was skeptical that she would get on the jet skis but she was the first one to hop on with Coach P - I could tell there was a moment that was make or break when Jill paused on their way to the dam, but then she took off and Landry came back with all smiles. Rad went on a much rougher ride with Mr. Glen so I think L ended up liking it more. 

So much that she went again with Ryan. Emmy was also a trooper - on Glen's trip back from pulling the kids on the tube, I looked up and saw that Emersyn had fallen ASLEEP on the jet ski. Seriously - she was sound asleep - I wish I had been holding my camera at that point.

The ease of a day at the lake is a gift in itself. We were seriously given the most gorgeous weather and on top of that had all of our favorite people with us to enjoy it. 

Around 5'oclock the fish started biting and Uncle Josh helped Landry and Emmy reel in their first catch. Landry loved them all and Emmy named hers Princess Anna. Mills and Jackson are old pros but we still need to document their big catch. :)

The whole day felt like a giant dance party on the water. So many laughs - sprinkled with a few tears, because, well... 10 kids - shared with some of my favorite people and my kids' favorite people, too. We grilled some burgers and hot dogs, ate by the light of the setting sun. 

As the moon started to rise we were all a bit speechless - it started out as a coral orange and as she appeared faded into a yellow - so bright I felt like we needed sunglasses. We did some night fishing and then put the kids to bed. The biggest kids stayed up late talking about nothing at all - retelling old stories and making some new memories. 

This morning we packed up to head home but not before feeding the local wildlife, and I don't mean this crew.

Yep. The deer eat out of your hand and the kids could not have been more excited. 

Seriously, Landry wanted us to bring one home and I totally would have if I could have fit one in my car.

And like most good stories, this one also had to come to an end. I basically can't even comprehend how good this village is. I am so thankful for the story God had written for us when we moved schools. He knew that there was this undiscovered group of parents for our village. I love my village and I am so excited about all the stories we have to come. 


  1. Lovely weekend friend! Sounds so much like ours, except we are beach people.

    My grandparents bough at house on the Puget Sound (Gig Harbor, WA...Google it...beautiful) when my mom was 3. We are now on our 3rd generation summering there. My sister and her husband bought the house next door, My dad's best friend the house on the other side and my aunt and uncle bought the house in the other side of them. I bought the property next to ours, no structure...just extends our property 100 feet. Our house is built on piling and when the tide comes in we are surrounded by water!!! It is bliss. We fish, play cards, swim, kayak and paddle board. The family is together and we love it.

    So the reason I am sharing this you ask??? That moon! It was stunning. As you described it I was transported to our deck last night as we watched that same 1st coral then bright yellow moon come up over the point with Mr Rainier to the right of it and all of the sudden the world seemed smaller. Because i knew my cyber friend was watching that same moon.

    So glad your three have good friends to grow up with as family. There are 8 nieces and nephews in our clan. They are extremely close. Friends can be just that. What you and Ryan provide for your kids by way of love, experiences and family/friends is priceless. Lucky, blessed and loved your Kingly three!

    Enjoy the remainder of your summer sweet cyber friend

    1. Thanks sounds amazing!! We definitely went home and started looking at houses! (Ok, maybe even on the car ride home!)

  2. Love this. It looks like you guys all had so much fun. This just reaffirms my goal of buying a lake house sometime soon. We have so much fun at the lake! Glad y'all had fun and enjoy the beach. :)

    1. I approve of that purchase! We will provide all food!

  3. Oh my goodness that looks heavenly! And now you are at the beach relaxing?!! My little traveling friend I'm so jealous!

    1. It was an awesome week - and now I'm playing catch up!

  4. Isn't that lake glorious?! We were there and the girls were swinging - all of a sudden they were surrounded by deer! I couldn't get enough pictures! It was crazy! And, the diaper trick - best lake trick I've ever learned!!! Thanks for sharing! That's a great looking bunch of kiddos and parents!

    1. It's just perfect! There are 6 properties for sale at the moment - we could be neighbors twice! :)

  5. Wonderful day out with the fam and friends. Look at those big smiles.
    Have a wonderful weekend!