Four is hard for me. At three you can still get away with claiming having a "baby"... at four, you officially have a soon-to-be big kid on your hands. So when this lovely little girl woke up four, my heart was half broken and half filled with joy at what amazing blessings she has filled our family with these past four years. 

She requested a pink donut with sprinkles and Daddy delivered even though we know she's only going to eat the top half of that donut anyway.

#itsherbirthday #shelldowhatshewants

And who could blame the girl for wanting to eat quickly when all this goodness was waiting for her??  She INSISTED on wearing her "birthday dress" that has shrunk quite a bit over the past two years. 

We kept things simple this year and she could not have been more DELIGHTED.

There is basically not a more perfect shirt in existence for any person any where in this entire world. I kind of wish it came in adult sizes. 

Sofia is a bit deal at our house, so she got the entire royal family and actually took a break in gift opening to play.

Even big brother played a long (and I think he secretly liked it but of course would never admit it). 

We always let each sibling purchase a $10 gift - Emersyn picked doll and barbie clothes and then instantly said, "Did you see that it comes with twooooo sets of clothes for the baby?"

#bcshewantsasetforherdoll #sneaky #servantsheart 

Radley picked out her first set of legos and she couldn't wait to put them together.

What a dear gift this sweet one has been to us... I really do wish she could stay little forever. 

But life doesn't slow down and if I'm honest, the growing up part is pretty exciting, too. At four she is still just as cuddly and sweet but she's becoming so expressive and thoughtful. Her imagination is one of my favorite things to watch - she can sit among her dolls for hours and create the most fascinating space and stories. She's so capable and confident - she is not afraid to try anything. She's just the best and I'm so glad she's ours.

These two are pretty awesome, too. Sweet Rad tried to be so patient "helping" with assembly of that shiny new lego set. Sweet boy, he lasted about 15 minutes before throwing in the towel. 

We finally got dressed after lunch and headed out to get pampered. 

I let them go crazy on their toes but their fingers had to stay pink because we had family pictures the same week. 


Then the party started - our friend Jack shares a birthday with Landry so we met the Prochazkas at Lupe Tortilla to celebrate. Three years ago we connected with this sweet family through the dual language program, then they popped up on our soccer team, then our daycare and now I just can't imagine not knowing them. 

And celebrate we did...

It's funny how much more I just sit back and enjoy these moments. I used to try my hardest to make these picturesque memories for the kids thinking that they NEEDED big and beautiful - what a silly thought. They need our attention and our love and maybe a ridiculously large piece of cookie cake. 

We ended our evening well past midnight at the Prochazkas and that was only because we drank all the beer the adults were tired. We celebrated her all day long and I'm looking forward to the many moments to come that will be well worth celebrating, too!


  1. I LOVE that you still have her "birthday dress"! So very cute!

  2. Haha - it's a fan favorite in the dress up pile!