What's two hours...

After our awesome morning at Heifer International, we decided... "what's two hours in the car?" and headed east to Memphis where we were greeted by the King himself. 

Seriously, when you're from Texas, a 2 hour drive is nothing. It timed perfectly with naps and we made there just in time for lunch on Beale Street. 

Oh, and we crossed off state 12. 

Ryan and I are basically the most spontaneous and random people ever and we had no real plan for the day. We knew we were hungry and we wanted to eat on Beale Street, so we drove there, parked, walked down the street and stopped here because #kings. 

They had a blues band outside doing their thing which kept these sassy girls entertained while we waited on our feast.

We definitely ate like kings and headed out for our next stop.

(Landry was clearly not into pictures.)

Like our first stop, we decided where we would spend our late afternoon while driving. I used trip advisor to find out some of the best spot for kids in Memphis and review after review mentioned their botanical gardens. 

This place did not disappoint. 

There was so much to do and see and play with and explore and these three goofballs had the BEST time.

And so did these two because we just got to SIT and laugh and watch our kids and well, that's the best vacation ever.

We kept wandering around and discovered the most darling tiny houses ever. The gardens had partnered with local artists and businesses to design and create each one and they were awesome. 

Seriously so full of imagination - I think I heard them ask us to build these about 183 times.

This was the favorite (please note the new friend they made along the way. His name is Henry, he has a sister, Ava, and they are both darling Memphisians that frequent this "park" after school.)

This house had items attached to it everywhere - like silly things that kids find and fall in love with like it's actual treasure. Brilliant.

The sun started setting and we were getting a little tired, so we snapped one final pic (SMH, Ryan) and loaded back up in the car. 

Thanks for a great day of fun, Memphis! We will be back!

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