Getting there...

The hardest moments for me to handle in life are the ones that are absolutely out of my control. The ones that force a left when all my planning had us turning right. The ones I can't really understand or honestly just don't want to. The ones that are just one giant inconvenience that I'd rather not have to deal with.

You know, basically anything to do with being an adult.

Last Thursday as we were at the 4-way stop leading into the kids' school I smelled something burning. I quietly said, "Man, I hope that isn't our car." not for one second thinking that it would be our car.

And then I turned into the school and saw it - the tiniest bit of smoke coming out of the hood of my car.


Luckily, there was a parking space so I whipped in, stopped the car, popped the hood and saw this...

Y'all. I don' know much about cars, but I do know that ain't right.

For the third time in two years my car had decided to quit in the drop off line at my children's elementary school. For the fifth week in a row, something had happened to put a left turn in my right-turn day. 

I walked the bigs in school, called Ryan, yelled at Ryan (because clearly his fault), handed Landry off to Krista who was in front of me in line, called Cindy and waited. She arrived to pick me up and take me home so I could grab our other car. 

And as I was driving back to work, tearing up, so furious and frustrated I heard it. 

I got you there. 

And y'all. He did. 

The car didn't break down on the highway or at a stop light on Texas Avenue. The car didn't even shut down - I pulled directly into an open parking spot because He got me there. 

All the way to the kids' school where we were surrounded by people that know us and could and would help. All.three.times. 

So what seems annoying and embarrassing to my selfish, sinful, human eye is really grace and mercy and love. 

Because He got us there. 

And not only that, but he got Ryan a job assignment where he is given a rental car so we had an "extra" one at home. He got us an army of friends that are always full of yeses. He got me kids that offer hugs and jokes to lighten the mood of their stressed out mom. 

He got us there.

He GETS us there, every single time. 

And maybe it's with a left instead of a right. Maybe it's a bit more inconvenient than what we would have liked. Maybe it's to a place that you never wanted to go. But He will get you there. You just have to let Him. 


  1. Grace. Mercy. Love. Repeat. I'm really sorry about your car but I love when you share your life lessons with us!

    1. I think His purpose is for us to share our lessons learned... as a reminder to all of us. :)

  2. Amen sister. Your heart is so clear in this post. You want what is best and your are yielding to Him. I love it. He gets me there too - sometimes with ugly crying and sometimes with kicking and screaming, but He loves me more than I can comprehend and He loves you too. Thanks for the sweet reminder today.

    1. He does love us - even when I'd rather Him show that love in a much less painful way. :) Miss you friend - hope all is well!

  3. I just read this and may have teared up a but. So true. So sweet. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading - I'm so glad my words held meaning for others!