Queen Bees: Blogger Fail


This is when we get real and I tell you that I dropped the proverbial blogger ball on this month's Queen Bees. The irony is that we are supposed to be highlighting women that "have a solution for everything" ... clearly that woman is not me. 


But this may work in your favor, dear reader, because I do have some women that have written EXCELLENT posts on getting your sh** together and I will share them with you.


First up -

You've met her before here. Y'all. She is doing an amazing, slam dunk, slap you in the face, spit on your neck, FANTASTIC job at completing a 26 week challenge of tidying up using the KonMari method.  Y'all. Go read all her posts and you will immediately reorganize your closets. I did... 

And now I have EMPTY shelves. 

Clearly you know her by now.  She has tons and tons of great posts, but two that I have book marked are her Pantry Before and After and What's in your Lunchbox

She seriously has this thing down y'all. 

Last but not least, Andrea

Now, I don't know her in actual real life, but I am certain we would be friends. I read all of her posts and seriously ask myself how in the world she does everything she does. Her quiet chaos is awesome and I love her style, her outlook on life, her darling kids and her ability to make even the most random activities educational. 

She also has some killer organization tips for SUPER cheap. She uses the most random items to keep things in place and I love that.

Example: Candle jars from Bath & Body Works

So there you have it. Three women that know how to organize the heck through life. I, on the other hand, know how to read about how to organize the heck out of life. ;) 

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  1. I've read everyone of these posts from the past and you got it right, they all have great organization skills. Thanks for the party.

    1. Thanks for always joining in the fun!

  2. Thanks, friend! I did have to LOL with your very descriptive compliment! You're the best!

    1. It's a quote from FRIENDS. ;) And I am unbelievably in awe of your skills and determination - seriously!