Tea for Twenty...

We talk about birthdays a lot around here. As soon as one birthday is over Emersyn is quick to remind us who is up next and then INSISTS on saying everyone’s birthday in order. Including the Munsons and Kents. (That’s a lot of birthdays to track).

So, we have been planning Landry’s birthday since MaMaw had her party. Landry went through several “themes” and then landed on wanting a tea party. For a split second I had the most darling party set up at our house planned – and then I threw that thought of my mind. Simple is my bestie these days and we have had the best time at the Munson park parties so I asked Cindy to reserve Tanglewood park for us and decided on a cupcakes and tea party for our girl. I consulted, Pinny, and found some inspiration for the invitation... 

And since she needs new toys like a cactus needs water, I wanted to do another party where we collect donations instead of gifts. Landry asks to put on dress up clothes every single day after school so I knew that collecting dress-up clothes would be fun for her and our local child advocacy center is always in need of fun clothes for the boys and girls that use their service.

The forecast called for rain all week and we miraculously lucked out with sunny weather. And wind. Lot and lots and LOTS of wind which caused a teensy bit of nerves as we were setting up, but luckily everything stayed in place and the table turned out so stinking cute!

My mom brought the darling tea cups and saucers from my MaMaw’s house and old mardi gras necklaces from when we were little for the kiddos to wear and take home. Landry picked the simple cupcakes with white icing and fun fetti and the rest just fell into place. Simple and fun. 

We had dress up clothes for the party friends to play with and then another basket to collect everything that kiddos brought. We were all set to celebrate our sweet girl... 

and we weren't the only ones...

That morning Landry and Emmy decided that the party NEEDED an Easter egg hunt and luckily we had enough left over eggs, tchotchkes and coins to fill them up. We scored darling bunny basets in the dollar spot on a last minute Target run and we were all set.  The big kids hid the eggs for the littles to find and the parents were all too thrilled about what those baskets were filled with. ;)

And if that wasn't enough treasure to take home, we brought out the piƱata next. You've basically never seen cute until you've seen a group of 3-4 year olds hit the heck out of a paper cupcake. If you listen closely, you can hear their actual squealing through the screen. 

After all that hunting and bashing they definitely needed a break for cake and some tea (which was actually lemonade, but whatever.. ha!) 

My favorite part of ANY kids' party is when their friends are singing to them. The pride and excitement on their face is adorable and the way that they feel so loved in that moment is one of the sweetest things you will ever witness. They each grabbed their favorite treat, a tea cup of lemonade, and found a spot in the sun and then collectively defined the term adorable in 5 seconds...

(Also, Landry, I apologize for the horrible job I did at taking pictures this day. I was just having too much fun enjoying watching you to worry about making sure I took great pics.)

Later that week we dropped off the collected items at Scotty’s House... 

...sans two pair of shoes that I let her keep. She really was so sweet opening all the gifts and telling me all about the boys and girls that would have so much fun dressing up in these clothes. And then she got to Hope’s gift – filled with 6 or 8 pair of Disney Princess shoes. Y’all. Her face. She was so brave and strong and in the sweetest voice asked if she could keep two pairs. And maybe I should have said no, but I didn’t. I let her keep those shoes. And when she went into her drawer she picked out four pair that she doesn’t play with and asked if we could donate those to someone else. And that’s when my baby really did become a big girl.

So love celebrating my kiddos – let the countdown begin for the next party.

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  1. I'm so sad I missed it but loved hearing all about it from Hope! And, I'm sure Landry probably kept the two pair of shoes that Hope KNEW she would love! ;) Happy birthday, sweet girl! Can't wait to celebrate many, many more milestones with you!