Miss Elizabeth...

My favorite thing, hands down, about my job is the students I get to work with. They are some of the brightest, kindest, most giving young adults on the planet. I’m convinced of it. They never cease to amaze me and I am better all around because of them.

Knowing all of this, I try to have my kiddos interact with these Aggies as much as possible. So when we were looking for a new Spanish tutor, it was only appropriate for me to seek one within my reach at work. I asked my colleagues if they had any students interested as well and that’s how we met Miss Elizabeth.

Never in a million years would I have thought that a couple hours a week would have such an impact on my kiddos.  She has just been such an amazing part of their educational journey – far exceeding any expectations I would have set for her and on top of that, really caring about our kiddos.

One afternoon she spent two extra hours just to play games with the kids. They just adore time with her – even when they lose at bingo.

Thanks, Miss Elizabeth! We love you!

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