Tiny Tales Thursday...

Emersyn has been full of some words lately.

Last weekend we celebrated Landry's birthday with a party in the park. The morning of the party the girls decided that we NEEDED an Easter egg hunt at the party. Because, obviously. Luckily we had 100s of plastic eggs on hand, some unused stickers, packets of gum and other tchotchkes laying around. The girls are happily stuffing eggs when Emersyn comes up to me...

Emmy: Mommy, you see this egg?
Me: Yes - it's pretty. It's golden!
Emmy: Yep. See what I put in it?
Me: An American flag sticker?
Emmy: Yes ma'am - wanna know why?
Me: Sure...
Emmy: Because I love America.
Me: Me too, baby.
Emmy: But not as much as Texas!
Me: laughing So you love Texas then America?
Emmy: Well, then Jesus and God.
Me: So... Texas. Jesus. God then America?
Emmy: Yes!

#texasforever #shereallylovesjesus

She had a little issue with respect this week - she is heavy on the sass these days and this was the last straw. As a punishment I told her that she couldn't sleep with Violet, her baby doll.



(which is good to note).

But then well...

Emmy: I'm running AWAY!
Me: Where?
Emmy: I don't know. To Gigis. Or Tias. or KKs. or Aunt Jennis.
Me: How you gonna get there?
Emmy: Walk. And I'm going to pack ALLLLLL of my stuff.
Me: Ok... but what happens if someone stops you and wants to take you to their house?
Emmy: I have a secret hideout.
Me: Ok.... but what if a dog finds your hideout?
Emmy: Sky (Paw Patrol) will fly in and rescue me since she's a dog. I have her phone number.
Me: Ok...what is it?
Emmy: It's secret.
Me: Ok... we sure are going to miss you around here.
Emmy: I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. I would have paid money to have been a fly on the wall for the last conversation! That girl! She's a mess! And precious. And hilarious. I'm not sure how you keep a straight face!

  2. oh my goodness! Conversations like this is why I could never fuss at her in class.... I always let Mrs.Kim be the bad guy lol