Friday Favs: Shopping with the bestie

Last Friday at this time, I was playing hookie on all things adulting and took a little shopping trip to San Marcos with Cindy. It was basically the perfect day - we started with breakfast tacos, paused for drinks and lunch, and ended with an ice cream cone. 

Oh yeah - we also bought  clothes in between. We stuck to our lists (kind of) and checked off some very important items that we actually needed.  So Imma recap our day and highlight some of my favorite finds in the stores we visited. 

{Shoe Carnival}

Number one on my list was a pair of nude heels. I have needed them for some time but just kept putting it off and to be honest, I wasn't convinced that I would find any I liked. 

So naturally I found the perfect pair in the first store we tried. These Madden Girl Kopycat heels are PURRRFECT! #seewhatIdidthere

Check out the darling detail on the inside. They fit like a dream and the heel is the perfect height. #becauseitsateenagersshoe 

What's even better is they were having a BOGO half off, so I got another pair in black. (Because my current heels were potentially being held together with electrical tape.) #judgeaway

 Two pair of shoes for $50??!? I basically won the lottery. And, I need to give a shout out to their customer service. They didn't have my size (5.5) in the black pair but if you sign up for their reward program (which is free!) then you can have shoes shipped directly to you for free. 


I'm kind of angry that I walked away from this dress. It was kind of pricey ($90) and I didn't really NEED it. If it would have had pockets, I would have totally pulled the trigger. They were also doing a BOGO FREE deal for dresses, so technically they would have been $50 each. 

They don't have this one online but here is a similar one here and while you're shopping, feel free to get me this.


Our next stop was Banana and I spent way too much money in there. We each brought about 20 items into the dressing room and I walked away with a few new shirts that I love love LOVE. 

Malibu V-Neck  is super comfortable and a great length. I may even front tuck it like one of those cool hipster moms. 

I also got this tunic tank that I surprisingly loved. It's a fun change to most of my other summer tanks and can be dressed up or down. Sadly they don't have it online. 

PRO TIP: Banana Republic offers educators discounts - you just have to show your staff ID. 


 We went here specifically for shorts and walked out with more than that. BUT, ladies. You're gonna need to pay attention here. They have THE most perfect SHORTS in the history of wearing things that show your thighs. How I walked away with only one pair, I don't even know. 

(Actually I do, I only brought cash and it ran out.) 

Orange was the color of the day for me because I couldn't leave without these. 

They are the Boardwalk Pull On short and they have them in basically every color. Reasons to love them:

1. Elastic waistband
2. Pockets
3. 40% off!!!!

I may have to order two more pair. I love these maroon ones for early season football games. Check out the darling detail. 

I'm also loving these stripes...

and maybe the black or kelly green. 

I also snagged a Sidewalk Skirt to match those boardwalk shorts. 


Reasons to love the skirt:

1. Elastic waist
2. Pockets
3. 40% off!!!

I'm seeing a trend here. 

I didn't see this one in the store, but it's also darling and you could wear tons of different solid colored tops with it. 

PRO TIP: J.Crew also offers educators discounts - you just have to show your staff ID. 


We didn't spend the day entirely on ourselves. We managed to buy some things to spoil the kiddos, too. You just can't go wrong at H&M - the cute factor + the reasonable price is a dream. We each got the girls some $5 dresses and I got Radley a fun button down. 

I can't even believe I bought this but the girls are going to flip out when they see their Easter baskets. Landry will never ever want to take it off.

In case you missed the obnoxious part...

Seriously dying at the cute-ugly factor. 

I also got them this sweet butterfly dress and Rad this darling button-down. 

We had the best time chatting, laughing, eating, drinking... just being. And THAT is always my favorite. Happy Friday y'all! Linking up with AndreaErika, and Narci....


  1. Still cannot believe you left that damn dress....BUT...the shorts were probably your best purchased EVER. I think I ordered me a pair and the skirt as well....but they haven't shown up and seriously sometimes I think I do dream shopping or something because I feel sure I ordered but they never arrive. ha. Hope you are having a blast on your vaca!

    1. I know, I know. It is a great dress. DANG IT! ;) I think I'm gonna order another pair of the shorts myself, They are amazing! What color did you get?