Friday Favorites: Birthday Edition

Hi. My name is Katy. And I like birthdays. Especially my birthday. I totally blame it on my mom - she really did a stand up job spoiling the crap out of us kids each year, so now all my friends have to suffer through the celebration of me. ;) 

I did have ridiculously fantastic weekend starting last Friday - Cindy and I did some late afternoon shopping for a fun new outfit for my birthday frienner. (That's dinner + friends = frienner). I tried to get something I wouldn't normally wear and fell hard for this sheer cardigan. 

We headed to my favorite restaurant in town and enjoyed each other's company for over three hours. I'm surrounded by women that lift me up, make me laugh, support my crazy ideas, and also aren't afraid to call me on my shit. They're also pretty wiling to forgive a last-minute request for dinner out and let's honest - they know how to take a picture. 

Chin down, neck out and smile. 

The next day started with the kids first spring soccer games, followed by a lunch in the sunshine and then hours and hours with these two. Just like a Saturday should be spent. For so many years of my life Saturday meant heading "to town" with the Tuleys and the day was just what I needed. We checked every single item off my list and maybe even some that weren't there at all, got our toes done and ended the day with dinner. 

And as if I didn't already know, I may have a slight obsession with mustard yellow and navy.

I had also shopped for myself earlier and ordered this DARLING and PERFECT hoop from Harbourside DesignsNS. We basically became besties via email. 

It completes the crazy that is my closet "gallery" wall. If you love it (and why wouldn't you), stay tuned because I'm partnering up with sweet Meg for something soon... 

My dear dad sat at my house all day while we shopped and shopped and shopped - he was perhaps faking that smile.
(Don't worry Dad, everything cost $15 - it was on sale).

We were not.

Then, my ACTUAL birthday arrived and I got to sleep in (7am y'all) and when I walked out of the bathroom from brushing my teeth I was serenaded with the sweet sound of my favorite four people in all of the world. They treated me with breakfast in bed, gifts galore and homemade cards which are always my favorite part. Radley thinks I'm "speishel" and I think he's pretty amazing, too. 

I quickly got dressed and headed up to work (yes, on a Sunday) and honestly couldn't have had a better day - and it's not just because they had a cake for me.

I'm a pretty lucky girl to spend my time with these young adults as they shape not only their own leadership but the leadership of others as well. 

This crew hosted 100 Aggies in a servant leadership workshop and pulled off a flawless event. They had three amazing speakers, awesome discussion times and managed to include a service project and I got a front row seat to watching them make it happen.

But as awesome as my day was, it was nothing compared to coming home to THESE faces. 

This is 37.

Kids outnumber adults. We eat Christmas leftovers  on paper plates. And everyone is instructed to stay outside because the house is clean. 

And I wouldn't change even the smallest thing about it. Every single giggle, sticky hug, slobber-filled smooch and mismatched outfit. All of it has been written just for me.

But eventually all that celebrating had to come to an end - it was finally time to cut into a one-of-a-kind Whole30 birthday cake. 





The lucky one, who's wishes have already come true. 

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  1. Ah!!! So glad I got to celebrate with you! Blessings and wishes for a fabulous year!

  2. Thank you for reinforcing that tops move to the purge pile! And how have I never seen this adorable midi skirt of yours before?!! Oh my gosh you should wear at least once a week I love it!