Here's a view of our life from my phone's point of view... 

Landry saw me checking my outfit in front of the mirror on the way out of the door one morning and wanted me to snap our pic. She's pretty darn precious. 

We had some Aggies from Qatar visiting as part of our leadership exchange and Tuesday we introduced them to "Texas". Which clearly included horses and BBQ. It's one of my favorite mornings with these students they are so excited to ride the horses and learn a little bit about Texas. 

I also got to sneak away for 20 minutes to visit this girl on her field trip to Lupe Tortilla. The entire DL program gets lunch out under the condition they order and speak in Spanish. I'll let you guess how that goes with a group of Kindergarteners. 

I skipped out on eating Mexican and instead had my first ever falafel. Y'all. 

Where have these been my whole life? So good!

We've gotten to enjoy the amazing weather every day after school - we set up shop outside and they spend the afternoon playing while I spend the afternoon working on their annual Paw Print Festival. Anything is awesome in the sunshine. 

After introducing our Qatar Aggies to Texas, we just had to introduce them the First Lady of Aggieland - and I don't care how many times I've met her, I can't help but be a little giddy hanging with Miss Reveille. 

And then I got to hang with Radley at HIS field trip. Two days, two kids, two trips to Lupe Tortilla and zero bites of that yummy food. 

Little sister turned doctor for big brother. He ran inside trying not to freak out because he was just bleeding from his knee - he sometimes overreacts. (No idea where he gets that from.) Emmy took care of him and fixed him right up. :) 

And after a long long long long week - Cindy and I took the opportunity to sneak away to San Marcos for a day of shopping. We were celebrating our Whole30 success (down 20lbs each!) (WHAT?!) and spent the day shopping. 

Basically perfection.

I'm still kind of kicking myself in the ass for not getting this dress. I may need to go online and order it... 

What better way to celebrate weight loss than with fried food...

and awesome drinks? 


Saturday I attended my first ever fashion show - in College Station. Texas. 

And who better to attend than with the queen of fashion herself? 

We had such a great time and my favorite moment was watching Stephanie take the runway. Few people have the ability to get as much done as she does. She was on the planning committee of Brazos Valley Fashion Week all aimed to benefit the Fun for All park. 

She's amazing and I'm so grateful that she's my friend and the friend of so many.

And that's us in an instant!


  1. Stop what you are doing and go order that dress!

    1. I am playing reply catch-up and I know, I know... I still want that damn dress.

  2. Holy shit have I taught you nothing...how did you leave that freaking dress?!!! I want it!!!!!!

    1. I know, I know. I am totally kicking my own ass for not getting it!