Super Saturday...

Our day started with the celebration of this sweet soon-to-be EIGHT year old!!

This was how excited she was to have us take her picture. 

She had the most adorable dance party and all these sweet girlies got to dress up, learn a dance, play "FREEZE dance" and stuff their tummies with sugar and lemonade. 

Not a bad day for this crew. 

Love you, sweet Caroline. So so proud of the sweet young lady you are becoming!

After celebrating the great eight, we packed up the car and headed north to Waco to start our Easter weekend. Gigi and Pops are always prepared for this weekend with filled eggs all over the yard. The kids loved finding them and Radley insisted on doing it WITHOUT any help. He also insisted on taking our pictures. 

Next up, we got the kids prepped to dye some eggs. I always feel like there are so many eggs to dye and then we are done in 15 minutes. My mom always insists on boiling more in the middle of the process and y'all - warm eggs hold color so well. I mean, so what if you can't touch them.

Back porch days are my favorite... 

pretending, playing, putting your tiny bare toes in the soft grass... 

the sweetest moments are the ones we will remember. 

And the day wasn't done yet... 

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