Summer days...

One of my favorite movie quotes of all time comes from Steel Magnolias. Shelby is talking to her momma, defending her choice to have a baby knowing how dangerous the risks are... when she looks at M'Lynn and says...
Well, yesterday I felt like we had a lifetime of wonderful and the irony is that the day was filled with a whole bunch of "nothing special" - just an ordinary day filled with something a little extra. We slept late, put on our red, white & blue gear and headed out the door. Landry went to school, me and the bigs just hung out all morning. They counted money in all the piggy banks, ate lunch and enjoyed the calmness that only a summer storm brings. 

We grabbed Landry early from school and headed to the library, each kiddo finding their own little happy place not relying on the other to bring them joy but finding it within. Their confidence in choosing their own path making me smile as much as the fact that they can bring sunshine to any gray. 

The trip gave us two books each to enjoy over the next three weeks and they couldn't wait to start reading. 

All that money counting had them asking what they could buy, so we set a limit and headed to our next stop. We walked up aisle after aisle looking for the perfect thing for them to spend their money, making sure they picked exactly what they wanted. That meant two movies for Rad, doll clothes for Emersyn and dance clothes for Landry. 

To end the night, we headed straight to Sonic, so momma could enjoy a stress free night of dinner and they could enjoy using their very own gift cards. 

Please note we still used Whataburger ketchup because #Texas. 

As we were getting ready for bed I heard Emersyn SQUEAL...

"MOMMY! You have to see how ADORABLE Violet looks in her new clothes!" 

She was so proud, so overjoyed, so happy... exactly how I felt. 

These days with tiny humans are hard - more days than not it seems. The bickering, the tears, the impatience... and let's not get started on the kids' behavior (HA!) ... but all days are good. And some days, some days are truly made up of wonderful... even the ones that have nothing special planned. 

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  1. We enjoyed hanging out with you guys today! Let's do it again soon!