Class is in session...

Besides Emersyn's love for art, she is also completely dedicated to the idea of being a teacher. She recently turned the playroom into her class room and it's basically the most adorable thing ever. 

I LOVE watching her imagination run wild because I know what this space looks like in her mind. It's a classroom, filled with "teacher things" and lots of students of all shapes and sizes all waiting to be loved. Her desk is messy because "teachers desks are messy"... 

She loves delivering our assignments in our take home folders and really does an incredible job putting it all together. 

We get to check out library books and have notes to get signed by our parents. 

She also charts our behavior... 

And has excellent visual aids. 

I don't remember what the numbers are for, but she has been perfecting her signature - "in cursive" because that's what teachers do.

I never have to guess what she's learning about in school because our assignments at home always reflect the information she's gained there. On this particular day, Ryan was learning about teeth and proper cleaning procedures. He passed. 

I just love this. I love that the substitute teacher is "Ms. Landry" and that their babies are close by because sometimes it's fun to go to work with Mom. I love that her imagination is hard at work and that her dreams of being whatever she wants is real and tangible and wholesome. I love that she loves to learn and that she wants to lead and be a light. I pray she is always encouraged to fulfill her passion and to create a space that's her own and I hope that I'm always open to the lessons that she will surely teach me. 


  1. Oh my goodness...adorable! Glad to see there is no one on the bad behavior list! haha

    1. Haha - I'm shocked Radley's name isn't up there... she must be an understanding and grace driven teacher.

  2. Well, this is the cutest thing ever! I can't wait to watch this little girl grow up! She's going to move mountains!

  3. I love this! My sister did this growing up (and even got a white board one christmas so she could teach her students (dolls). It was her "prized possession" for many years. And now, twenty years later, she is a very wonderful 1st grade teacher in Seattle with 2 darling kiddos. It's so precious to see how long these things weave into the story of our lives. I am excited to see all that Emmy will become :)