Whew - we have been busy bees around here which is what looks like stung Radley on the ear, but we think it was just a mosquito. He woke up one morning and his left ear was twice the size of his right. His sweet nurse at school was so concerned she called me that afternoon to bring him some Benedryl. The next morning it was back to normal(ish). 

I was a guest lecturer for a freshman athlete class and I recognized a hat that one of the students was wearing as a roofing company from my hometown. Turns out he graduated from Robinson and is playing baseball for A&M this year which means he played for Jenni's husband, Cotton. (Also known as Coach Kent).


The "dance moms" started working out while we waited for our big girls ... Around the end of round 1 this little bit joined us and totally rocked at mountain climbers, squat jumps and burpees... The fact that she was watching made me dig deep and keep going when I didn't really want to considering Texas missed the memo it's fall! Be strong, Mommas... They see us! #dancemom #stronggirls #burpeesaremyfavorite

So I naturally followed that up with bread and olive oil. Have you ever gone to lunch alone with just a book and craving for delicious food? If not, then you TOTALLY should. I honestly was running an errand and had about 25 minutes before I had to be at my next stop. I ordered as soon as I sat down, read a chapter and was on my way. It was still perfect. 

Unlike flu shot day.

#Emmysfacethough #drama

Landry laughed
Radley didn't know that it happened
Emmy cried when she saw the needle

The kids absolutely LOVE coming to work with me - and I love it, too. They get to see what I do, hang out with some pretty amazing college kiddos and **bonus** spend time with me!

Although something tells me they like spending time with people besides me... 

And I'll admit, I love hanging out with this crew, too. Year 14 with MSC FISH - how is that even possible?!?! 

I clearly picked this polish color for the name. 

So I'm completely obsessed with this boutique in town called Giddy Up Glamour. They have the CUTEST stuff and I try to avoid going inside because I always end up spending too much money. How awesome is the floor length kimono?! 

We spent a Sunday afternoon at our annual church festival - they insisted on unicorn face paint. 

Snapchat may have been my favorite part of the debate. 

After sitting out a year, we now spend our Tuesday's are spent at the dance studio. The starts didn't align so the girls classes are an hour a part and an hour-long each... So that's three hours. Rad hangs with his buds who have sisters here, too... Landry plays, I read or workout and Emmy soaks up all the goodness of these precious big kids that are willing to help her with homework. Anytime I can have my kids around big kids that care is worth the time!

It was finally my turn to get the flu shot and imagine my excitement when one of my former FISH execs turned bad-ass nursing school student was administering them. I asked her how many times I had made her want stick me with a sharp object and she was kind enough to say never. 

Landry had school pictures and I pulled out this darling Matilda Jane apron dress and turned it into a tunic. It's an 18 month. HAHAHA

Proof that God loves coffee?? He made it SIXTY-FOUR degrees on National Coffee Day! #practicallywinter#coffeecoffeecoffee

Holly and I headed to Roundtop with some of my HS friends and we just fell in love with this darling shop front. I now need disco balls hanging in my backyard. 

Also. Truth.

Saturdays mean soccer - we get there 30 minutes before games so I went for a run and then looked at myself and felt like I need to apologize to everyone around me.

Rad is on season six of soccer and he still has the cutest cheering squad around!

I can't remember what this soup was called but I can remember that I need it in my life every day. Short ribs, cabbage, corn, onions... amazing. 

On Saturday night we decided to try our hand at Andrea's Pumpkin Cream Pies... 

and the did not disappoint!

We ended the crazyness by switching out drawers for fall... 

and heading to church for a sweet baptism. 

And that's us in an instant!

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  1. I still cannot believe Rad's ear!! These are such fun pictures of your week friend.