Friday Favorites: Finally Fall...

Y'all - it's fall...it's fall...it's FINALLY FALL!

(Okay, so it's only "fall" for about 3 hours in the morning and then it turns to late spring/early summer for the remainder of the day, but hey... I WILL TAKE IT.)

And. Fall is my FAVORITE so this week has been so much fun because it's been jam packed with all things fall starting with our annual visit to the pumpkin patch on Saturday.

I love that our local farm patch does this every year and while we can expect tons of pumpkins, you never know what else may pop up in the patch.

This year they had a cute kitty...

and a magical mummy...

and a 9 year old that didn't want to take this picture but did it because he loves his momma.

I know what my favorite pumpkins in the patch are!

The girls really wanted to take home one of these pigs, so I told them to ask Gigi. 

WHOOOOO do you love?
Owl love you, of course!

You may have to look close, the top is 2015 and the bottom is this year. I think Emmy may have grown the most! :)

Hey look - I was there, too! 

On Sunday morning we started a major marathon of crafting beginning with adding the finishing touches to Ryan's Halloween costume.

Here's a quick little Pikachu at it... 

(get it?)

After the bigs got back from Sunday School, we ate some lunch and headed out to the garage for our annual painting of the pumpkins. 

Pink is clearly their favorite.

Radley's was a bit more complicated.

And Hudson even joined in the fun - neighbors that are always up to play is definitely a favorite.

The pumpkins match our costumes...

and having a theme is CLEARLY a favorite around here...

I have to admit that I'm getting pretty excited about Monday.

Tuesday night we had our last fall festival at the Weekday School. These two besties are in their last year and while the fact that they are growing up isn't a favorite... knowing they've been surrounded by people that love them for the past 4+ years definitely is.

Ryan took home his final chili prize... 2nd place ain't bad at all!

Parker is definitely one of Landry's favorites. They swear they are getting married to each other and each and every day I pick her up, he runs over to give her a "huggie" goodbye. It's basically the most adorable thing ever. 

We continued the fun last night... one of our local high schools hosted a trunk or treat and our crew was ready for the fun. 

An angel and a Jigglypuff can be friends, too!

The CSHS student council put together a great night full of games, prizes and crazy science experiments and every time I looked up one of them had a smile on their face. 

(And coming home with enough candy to pass out on Halloween was just an added bonus!)

Don't you just love catching kids in the moment. I looked and up and saw her squeezing her cheeks waiting in line for a game and my heart just skipped a beat. Those cheeks, that belly and that tiny Jigglypuff are clearly a favorite. 

This guy and I are going on 20 years of friendship -  doing life with the besties is always a favorite. (The fact that both of our spouses had to miss because of dumb work - not a favorite.) 

By the end we were both wearing or holding half of our kids' stuff... well, that's just comical. 

Fall fun is a favorite indeed!

Hope y'all are having fun, too!

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  1. Love the pumpkin patch pictures and the painted pumpkins!

    1. Painting pumpkins usually turns out much better than our attempt at carving! We shall see, we have one more to take care of this weekend!

  2. I love the painted pumpkins! Jess at Just Jess

    1. Thanks! I like that the kids can pretty much do it by themselves and no one is running around with sharp objects! :)

  3. Love all the fall activities - and those pumpkins!!


    1. They turned out cuter than I expected!

  4. Oh my goodness your babies have the BEST smiles! Enjoy your weekend!


  5. That pumpkin patch is so much better and bigger than I knew!

    1. It is a ton of fun! Reminds me that we should go more than just the fall!