Show and Tell: SCARY Tales

If you're visiting from Andrea's then you are in for a scary tale. I hope you are ready because what I am about to tell you will shock and frighten you in ways that you can't prepare for. 

Once upon a time there were three high school freshman girls. They decided to dress up for Halloween in  theme. One went as Snow White, one as the Evil Queen, and one as... 




The story behind this genius idea is that every year for Halloween the cheerleaders dressed up in themes. The Varsity Cheerleaders went as these ADORABLE clowns that I had waited my whole life to be able to dress up as (and the dang tradition got nixed the year before I was on Varsity. I know. The worst.)  JV got to pick their theme and I don't remember how this theme got picked but I do remember that at one point, I thought this would be funny. 

Not funny. 

There is a picture of us all three somewhere and I spent a ton of time looking for it last night, but I couldn't find it. But you are welcome for that little gem above. 

A couple of years later a group of us got "dressed up" to go visit some haunted houses in town. We had access to some county issue prisoner uniforms and police jackets. Naturally this happened... 

(I'm not sure why Charis' wrist is glowing). 

We actually got stopped at the haunted house (which was terrifying) by some sheriff's asking where we got the prisoner uniforms and we assured them that we hadn't broken these lovely gentlemen out of jail. I'm not sure if my mom had made a call to tell these officers to scare us but at one point we thought we were all going to be brought to county. 

My senior year of high school we coordinated a prank with a bunch of our guy friends to drive out to a hill that was being haunted by a family that had died in a tragic accident. We loaded up our cars and  drove out to this random piece of land and once we got to a certain point, all the drivers pretended to make the cars stall. The guys were waiting in the bushes dressed all in black and once we stopped driving they ran up the cars and starting banging on the doors as if the family was forcing us to stop. 

I have never laughed so hard in my life!!! Mainly because I didn't think the prank would work, but holy cow did it ever. I can still hear the squeals!! 

And that concludes the most boring Halloween stories in the history of ever.



  1. That haunted hill prank would have been so scary (if you didn't know about the prank at least!). Love the story about the police officers stopping you :)


  2. I am cracking up at your costume!!!! That's too funny!

    1. My mom tried to act like she didn't remember it at all... how can you forget that?!?! :)

  3. Replies
    1. I can only laugh otherwise I may cry! HAHAHA!