Whew. A lot can happen in 7 days... and I fully plan on catching you all up on the fun... but until then, here's what we've been up to via my trusty iPhone...

Since I had a one-day work week, I decided to go all out and wear the heels. 

They were exchange for some flip flops for an after-school celebration of Miss Elizabeth! What a blessing she has been to us...she means so much to these three kiddos and we couldn't be more grateful to celebrate her!

Emmy finally let Ryan pull that tooth that had been barely hanging on. Seriously - how was that thing still in her mouth?

And then Ryan and I set out SUPER early for a trip that included just us... and Emmy's purse. 

I've never been to Vegas and due to some crazy Hilton points, we were able to enjoy a 3-night stay at one of their Vegas properties!

Clearly I took the Whole30 seriously while we were away.

I reaffirmed my disdain for an IPA and discovered that I love any hefeweizen you put in front of me. 

Meanwhile, Gigi was holding down the home front which included picture day for the big kids. How darling is Emmy's hair in those mini-piggies?!?

We were exploring Elvis' old digs... 

And catching all the Pokemon we could. 

(For the kids, of course!)

My favorite day including renting a convertible and driving to the Hoover Dam.

Where we heard so many dam jokes that we couldn't laugh any more.

This part of the country is BREATHTAKING. Ryan decided we needed to move approximately 1,321 times... which is about average anytime we travel.

We stopped in Boulder City on the way home to enjoy some grub and more beer.

And finally made our way to the infamous Vegas sign on our last night there. 

I did a horrible job documenting Freemont Street, but it was such a fun experience and one of the best parts of Vegas, so I'm glad we hung out there on our last night. We made it home as fast as we could because we missed those kids of ours!

Saturday we made our way to the Pumpkin Patch...

before Radley and Ryan headed to Houston for a soccer tournament and me and these two dears (purposeful spelling there) enjoyed a "girly girl" day of Target, Hobby Lobby, lunch and pedicures. 

We ended the weekend with some pumpkin prep and putting the finishing touches on those costumes before a crazy busy week ahead!

And that's us in an instant!

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