Spiel the Beans: Falling for Fitness

I know, I know... how can Shelly and I be thinking about fitness in the fall? Well, because that's when we need it most. I mean, how else can we indulge in all things pumpkin or cheesy or gooey or chocolatey or .... FALL?!?! So, blog sisters, we are here for you... and if I don't have the answers and Shelly doesn't have the answers, then all of you fabulous linkers will surely have the answers!!

In full disclosure, my husband and I are about to indulge in a frozen pizza for dinner. It's 9:20pm, we are home alone and we won't BE DRIVEN BY RULES. Ok...I feel better. 

Here we go... 

Step 1:

Buy cute work out clothes.... 

It's true. Whenever I start a new workout program/commitment/decide after 6 months (or years) of doing nothing, my first stop is to buy new gear. And not just because my old gear suddenly shrunk but because it's important to feel good! And these clothes don't have to be expensive - I love the BCG line at Academy... comfortable, durable and cute! 

Step 2:

Schedule time!!!

And stick to it! Quit making excuses - some of my best workouts happen in 30 minutes or less... in the parking garage at my work, or in a field next to the girls dance class, or at the park while Radley is at soccer. Make time to sweat it out and you will be so dang glad you did!

Step 3:

Do things you enjoy!

Y'all. I am not a runner. Like for real. I am just not. I try and I try...

but I don't love it. But, I do love spending time with the kiddos, so I've gotten in the habit of bringing the girls scooters to soccer practice and we laugh and giggle. Well, the laugh and giggle as they fly on those scooters... I gasp and cringe trying to keep up, but... I'm doing it. 

What I do love are "boot camp" type workouts, so I've saved tons on my Pinterest board and rotate my favorites. 

This one by Hairspray and High heels is especially awesome. I especially love that I can change things up if I need it... alternating times/increasing reps....make it work for you.

Step 4: 


I'm sure you've heard this a million times... but all the working out in the world is nothing compared to what it is we actually put into our bodies. Nothing taught this more than my first Whole30 last November. Sometimes this makes eating harder, sometimes you get annoyed, sometimes you just don't wanna... but you will NEVER regret making that choice that is right for you. 

(And you can give yourself some grace for eating that frozen pizza with your hubby every once in a while!)

And all God's people said, AMEN! 
(Bc I TOTALLY eat the whole thing in one sitting to just get it over with). 

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And don't forget to keep spieling the beans... 


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