Let's get this party started because We5Kings have just been loving all this fall fun starting with the kids school! We decided to throw out the traditional fall school fundraiser like selling art and let the kids have some fun. One of our genius mommas came up with the idea to get us to "Show our Stripes" since we are tiger cubs. For $1/$2/$5/$10 kids can purchase a certain number of stripes to tape onto their teachers. 

And if I haven't mentioned it... we have the BEST teachers!

And what are teachers without students? I also happen to have pretty awesome students, too... Mollie took a children's lit class last spring and gifted all of her textbooks to my kiddos! HOW AMAZING IS SHE? Radley has already made it through the graphic novel and is working on Hereville. We read Snow Day, The Wolves in the Walls and Where the Wild Things Are and started Charlotte's Web. Landry is walking around the house flipping through Esperanza Rising with a book mark as if she is reading her very own chapter book. It's basically the most darling thing you will ever see.

And if that wasn't sweet enough, Mollie painted these darling shoes for the girls. They are IN LOVE and have the sweetest feet around!

Ryan makes amazing chili - award winning, actually. (If you count the fall fest at Weekday School.) I make sweet potatoes almost every week and one day I decided throw some in his chili and y'all - HOLY TASTEBUDS - so darn good!

I talked about this duster/kimono/no idea what it's called thing last week and y'all - I JUST LOVE IT. This whole outfit makes me so dang happy. And you are in luck because you can shop online!!

One of my favorite ponchos is here.
New buffalo plaid cardigan here

Last week was the Book Fair at CHE and each fall we stay open late one night and serve a spaghetti dinner from Olive Garden - and they are so awesome! They bring everything you need, set it up, serve it, clean it up and then only charge you for the amount of people that show up! I just love this!

And the kids are fans, too. 

Then Friday it was Emmy's turn to Show her Stripes... 

she just couldn't wait to put tape on her teachers!

She even let little sister join in the fun!

Y'all - these teachers are rock stars.... they wore that tape all day long. 

Ryan got home pretty early on Friday (7pm, y'all!) so we grabbed the kids and decided to go on an epic Pokemon hunt around campus. The girls brought their scooters and we just walked around for two hours enjoying the weather and most of all, the company. 

I mean, I have to pinch myself because my kids get to grow up on a college campus. How fun is this?!?!

We had to stop and snap a pic at "my tree". 

Fun fact: Several years ago my student execs in FISH planted this tree on campus in my honor. At the end of every year, I read The Giving Tree and thank them for their work, their sacrifice and all the hours that they give to serving others. Just like that tree does for his little boy.

So, those students maybe, perhaps, purchased a tree, drove up to campus in the wee hours of the night, and planted it. And it's still there! Y'all - it's basically the best thing ever. 

And then we swung by this tiny little set to see what all this "college gameday" fuss was about. 


Saturday morning was spent at the soccer field where this kid KILLED it at goalie. Y'all - he was on fire!! (I left my big camera at home so this is as good as it gets). 

And then we headed to Bryan for some lunch, milkshakes and antiquing ...

The best find of the day were these fun scrabble squares! I didn't want to spring the $7 for the holder, so we just used our own and when we play, we can grab it for the game. 

The kids don't have school Monday or Tuesday, so they headed to Waco with Gigi and Pops which meant me and Ryan were home alone! So what did we do? Well, napped of course! HA! Ryan watched those silly Aggies then we headed out for a drink and a movie. Sunday we slept in, cleaned house, finished laundry, hit up Sams and HEB, watched TV, cooked, worked out, and then went to dinner. 

Ryan's dreams came true - pizza with a fried egg on top. Not the prettiest, but it was tasty!

Target is now carrying BeautyCounter products and I've been dying to try their charcoal mask. It did not disappoint! Can't wait to use it again on Wednesday!

And that's us in an instant! Have a great week friends!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE that your students {may} have planted a tree in your honor! How awesome is that?! Oh, and can we discuss how it feels like fo-eva since I've seen you?! We must fix this!!!